Yes, you. Statistics show that in Edmonton municipal elections less than 1/2 of the people Vote.

Is an offical link that clearly shows this is the Truth.
From that link above, only 41.79 % of the people Voted in the last municipal election.

It’s no where near the 10% of the people that voted in 1956, which was a dismal year for democracy, and it’s well below the 117% of the people that voted in 1892, over 100 years ago.

60% is a majority. In the  2004 municipal election, a Majority did not vote the mayor in. Only 40.68 % of the 41.79 % voted for the current Mayor.

That is according to the calulator at:*.4068%3D&meta=

Only 16.996104%  of the people . A bit under 17 % of the Vote is not a mandate to waste the overtaxed voters money on tax gobbling white elephant projects that do nothing for the roads of edmonton, the homeless or lowering property taxes. under 17 % of the Vote is a minority of the vote. 17 % is not an astounding majority willing the right for one to increase ones own wages by $13,000 dollars per year. nor is 17 % of the vote an overwhelming right to mis-spend the overtaxed voters dollars on putting patches on top of patches on top of patches because it is election year, so it looks as if something besides wasting  money is been done. Triple patched roads should have been repaved when they were double patched roads. Mis-spending overtaxed voters money on electioneering “road destruction” is wrong and should not have been done.

Most people Do not vote, because they see no difference between the fringe candidates that have nothing to offer but heaps of “Advertisements of Spam.” Most people do not like Spam and make jokes about it. Perhaps the spam is what drives people to not vote. In My Opinion though, that “what drives people to not vote” is no real choice on the ballot at the voting booth.

This election there is a choice and that choice is the non-fringe Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton, Dave Dowling.