pothole fixer E friendly

someone must be pretenting to be a leader in Edmonton the Capital of the Nation of Alberta.

concrete is less than a hundred dollars per 100 pounds.

labour is only $40 per hour at the most.

Tar and gravel and sand are as cheep or cheeper than concrete.

Machines are around $100 per hour to rent.

I am not sure just how an intersection can be so expensive to build, unless of course it is a white elephant intersection.
One bridge on 23 ave, going over calgary trail and the railroad tracks, and four off ramps cannot be that expensive.

The city could probably sell naming rights to 23 ave to a large multi national corporation and have them build it!

CN ave sounds good, or even Federal ave, if the feds paid for it.

I am sure poole construction could build it cheeper if 23 ave had thier name on it.

Lots of corporations would probably bid for the right to the name on all those signs.

A corporate tag built righty into the concrete could drasticly lower the cost.

And both sides of the bridge could be taged, as could the guard rails and light posts.

All of it could be sould just like the name of buildings has, so too can the names of roads.

$250,000,000.00 ($250 million dollars) for an overpass, sounds likeone heck of a scamdel where someone is trying to make sure there is a last lap dance performed at thier funeral on thier gold, diamond encrusted coffin, by the entire collection of the playboy playmates!

 For real leadership in the Mayor of Edmonton chair, vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton.