The vote dave Dowling lightning bolt!Leadership.

Some have it, some just pretent to have it. The t in pretent is for all those tents at Scamdelville (tent city.), and the missing D for Leadership is in the name of Dave Dowling, Candidate Standing for Mayor of Edmonton.  the Environment, 23 ave, tent city, potholes, infrastructure, out of control council costs, all have solutions and those solutions are here at this web site, Environmentally friendly campaign headquarters of Dave Dowling candidate for Mayor of Edmonton leading the way in Campaign reform that respects the environment.

For Dave Dowling is NOT chopping down a forest for electioneering signs. Nor is Dave Dowling putting up eye sore billboards filled with toxic inks and toxic glues. Nor will a forest or three be destroyed for electioneering pamphlets that end up filling up the landfills, as they leach toxic ink into the environment.  Dave Dowling is NOT fleecing the overtaxed voter for campaign contributions. Elections should not be about who raises the most money to give to the major media!
Leadership on all the issues, including Campaign reform.

Dave Dowling is all for fixing the roads, and keeping them clean in winter so they are always safe to drive and walk upon. Edmonton can do so without going $5 Billion dollars in debt so $250 million dollars of intrest can be given away to banks every year. that is money better spent on tar,  gravel, machines and labour to fix those potholed roads.

I, Dave Dowling believe other levels of government should be pitching in thier fair share when they can afford to , rather than waste those billions upon expensive white elephant projects. White elephant projects are not core services.. . core services are what municipal governments are suppose to worry about, not $500,000 floats to tour other cities parades.

Leadership is the issue, and the only place it is found is here.

If you want real leadership in the Mayor of Edmontons chair, Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton October 15.