88 million and climbing, should have been spent on art!

Leaders lead the way,, leaving the typos to the editors and I , Dave Dowling, candidate for Mayor of Edmonton, shall show some of that leadership ability here.

I , Dave Dowling say: Cut council and the Mayors bloated wages, outrageous perks, and obsence fat cat expense accounts by at least 1/2.  This saves close to 2,000,000 dollars ($2,000,000.00 ) per year. A Mayors wage of almost $200,000 is part of the problem not the solution

Dave Dowling also says: Take those at least ten police out of the schools, this saves at least another $500,000 dollars. Do not build the $500,000 float to tour other city parades. Stop the fringe ideas like yo-yo giveaways in foreign lands.

And I , Dave Dowling also say: Take a chain saw to the budget, line by line, word by word, chop anything that is non-essential. Stop all the fringe spending. This example of leadership could possibly save hundreds of millions of dollars.

And I, Dave Dowling will also say Lobby the other levels of government for infrastructure funding. point out that at least 1/2 of the province uses edmontons roads. Where is the promised 5% of the gas tax for roads and such that the federal government promised? Use some of these savings to repave the potholed roads in an economical way, like investing in a paving company or four. Or buying a tar plant, or a gravel quarrey. And the Municipal could also look at getting corporations to help out by selling the naming rights to streets and overpasses to them. Use some of those savings to help save the environment and perhaps put a percentage aside to start solving those poverty and homeless issues.

Leadership is all about those problem solving abilities and ideas that makes a city a city worth living in and doing things in. as it states in

” part 2 of the

The Municipal Government Act

“c) recognize that the functions of the municipality are to

    (i) provide good government,

    (ii) provide services, facilities and other things that, in the opinion of the council, are necessary or desirable for all or part of the municipality, and

    (iii) develop and maintain safe and viable communities.”