Has some on the $$88 million  dollars and climbing white elephant art gallery. Currently there is only $30,000,000 of art in the building.

Most government projects like churchhill square have a habit of costing far more than what they were projected to cost.

88 million and climbing, should have been spent on art! Look at that image of it! money that would have been better squandered on more art, or a school for local artists, or funky artistic lightpole decorations for the roads. Instead it looks like the property developers are been supported!

$88 million taxed dollars and climbing! Climbing like all government squandering seam to climb.  Given to the property developers instead of to the artists. I suppose the admission price will be so outrageous to cover the cost overruns that most Edmontonians will only see the outside.  The blinding mirrored outside that will blind drivers, pedestrians, pilots and probably endangered wildlife flying with the seasons.

For a couple of thousand of bucks of spray paint, they could have had local artists tag the outside of what was there, and that would have looked more artistic than this foreign designed white elephant with the curving tusk that looks to be worth enough cash to buy the entire group of seven collections.

An $88 million and climbing eye sore to house a mere $30 million of art work is part of the problem. The current building was not faling down, and as far as I know “was built to last another 50 years.  Leadership would be instead of the eye sore white elephant, buying $50 million of artwork to put around the city,  putting 10 million in to an art school, and another $10 million into poverty solving art programs.  that would leave 18 million for some additions.

It is not the building that will bring the art loving people, it is the art that brings the people.

Leadership in the Arts is not supporting property developers, it is supporting the art, and the artists that create such wonderous art.

For real leadership, Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton!