September 2007

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Vote Dave Dowling Oct 15 

I, Dave Dowling know leadership is needed for the woes a city faces.
The environment, infrastructure, inflation, the poor and homeless and issues like $13,000 raises this year, close to $6,000 wage increases next year, $200,000 of expired flu meds, $200,00 floats to tour other cities, $100,000 yo yo give aways in foreign lands, $5 million dollar stairs, $10,000,000.00 of concrete for the river valley, $88 million dollar white elephants, $ 15 million dollar gazebos, 100, oops 200, nope, 300 million dollars and climbing 23 ave, $600 million or more for 3 kilometers of train track, One million dollars per year office budgets, and fat cat expense accounts are all examples of non-leadership. As is tent city, potholes, snow removal, 8 % tax hikes, john walters ferry landing, terwillegar park “temporary ” dry dock for the Edmonton Queen, Burying power lines underground and other such issues.

There is ways to pay for infrastructure, like looking at cost effective ways to deliever services, and there is savings in the budget that can be applied to issues that are real, instead of make believe issues that just waste tax payers money , like yo yo give aways in foreign lands.

Embracing environmental friendly technology can and will make Edmonton a city of Champions that inspires other Cities to emmulate Edmonton. Coffee shops in the Riverbank only add to the problem not fix the problem , like lots of trees do by sucking up pollutants and releasing good Oxygen for people to breath.

Allthough some seam to want to “develop” every park there is in the River valley untill the entire River system is just another Whyte Ave, I do believe most would rather have trees and such along that river , where people like to walk, bike, run and just stand to enjoy the view of so much Nature. It is the trees and parks that are in the tourists picture album, not the coffee shops and disco bars.

Leadership is what brings those issues to a close in a manner that everyone agrees with. Leadership is about all the issues, and each one can take a different approach. Leadership knows that $13,000 raises are wrong, and that the roads should be safe to walk a nd drive upon no matter the season or time of Day.

Edmonton has a real choice this Election for Mayor of Edmonton. Edmonton can vote for spend and tax or tax and spend or Edmonton can Vote for cost effective budgeting and vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton.


 the Robin says

Leadership is: Dave Dowling stating  10 million per year could go towards the homeless, and perhaps lowering taxes or helping out failing community leagues, or better yet buying up properties along the riverbank and razing them to the ground so there is more parks, more trees, more squirrels, more bees, more places for people to just stop and say, wow, look at all that nature!

 Others, who are not leaders only want to rip, rend, and get rid of the trees such as:

10-20 million per year to pour concrete, and put in coffee bars so tourists can have something to litter the rivervalley with.

Of course the Questions start, such as Who will be getting preferencial treatment on those coffee bar ownerships?
And will the city be stuck with the bill for picking up all those empty coffee cups?
And how, how will all those new coffee bars be supplied? by trucks and vehicles polluting their way through the riverbanks is how!

Yes, more roads, more litter, more pollution, and vehicles all over the place! Jet boats polluting up the river waters, a fleet of Edmonton queens making sure no geese or ducks stop in those polluted beyond belief river waters. And of course less trees, less birds, less bees, and lots of manicured lawns that need city employees out chopping that grass every weekend. More poluution from all those gas guzzling lawn mowers. and more noise.

YEs, that is somes vision of the river valley. Property to be developed.

And then there is Dave Dowlings, more trees, more nature, more places to just stop and smell the wild roses.

 Vote Dave Dowling Oct 15

I, Dave Dowling will CHOP the Mayors wage, AXE next years cost of living increase and take a chainsaw to the budget! 

Yes, next years raise for the tax and spend or spend and tax Candidate will be around $6,000.00 (Almost what two single employable people on welfare would recieve in the entire year!) due to the worships cost of living increase.

Apprantly the price of bread and kraft dinner will be drasticly increasing! Yes, at a 3% cost of living increase on that whoppingly large almost $200,000 Mayors wage, the raise next year will be almost six-thousand ($6,000.00 CAN) of your overtaxed dollars!
I Dave Dowling who appears to be the first Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton to point out this little talked about fact of tax money squandered would never ever accept a $6,000.00 cost of living increase.

Cost of living increase? My Gawd, its more of a pirate pillaging and plundering your overpicked pocket. Overpicked by the taxman for this years $13, 000.00 Raise.  Next year there will be almost $6,000 dollars less for ther potholes and the homeless. Unless taxes goe up.

Or unless you Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton,I will chop the Mayors wage!

P.S. Oct. 3 Scott, around 8pm, NAIT. . . . .

Electioneering Choo Choo Train 

Thursday, near the End of the week, and I am taking the day off, slept in today got up very late. Opened the mail, read the letter I got from Premier Ed ,  and watched some doctor who over at CBC. episode 12 The Sound of Drums was a very bizzare episode, Bizare because there was an Election in the episode! I thought it was very relevant to this election, So I recommend every one to watch it!  it has no commercials, which is what Government should be like. is also a great site to learn about Oil royalty Rates and why some are now throwing that countries name of Venezula around like its tents for the homeless. Yes, I Dave Dowling, Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton,  shamelessly plug the Alberta Bloc, it’s my favorite political party, and I, Dave Dowling, have no problem saying so. I, Dave Dowling,  believe the overtaxed voter should know exactly what the Candidates political views are, just like Doctor Who is better without the commercials!

I am not sure if the other Candidates for Mayor of Edmonton have stated what political parties they support, bravely and boldy like I, Dave Dowling have, like a leader should, and like Mr. Lam have, so the overtaxed voter is informed, The Media was rumormongering that one of their media darlings supports the tax and spend political party, while the other media darling according to the media rumormongering mill is supporting the spend and tax party.

Perhaps those other Candidates are just not brave and bold like a Leader should be during elections,  like Dave Dowling is informing the overtaxed voter. here on this web blog, the first ever internet campaign headquarters.

Dear; Scott McKeen. . . . . . .
I did an  interivew. and

Scott: I, Vote Dave Dowling Oct 15Dave Dowling, Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton, can understand why your not a candidate for Mayor of Edmonton.

Your platform of: Every Candidate but the one you support must wear a 1970’s lampshade fringe upon their head taped from ear to ear along the back of the head, so they more resemble your Candidate, AND constantly harking on and on how  the signatures needed and fees paid by Candidates to stand in elections must be upped ,upped and upped, and how every candidate must be “connected.”

Would ever so get you laughed out of not only Edmonton, but every Democracy on the planet.

Never the less, since you, like a Candidate filled with partiality, did fling my way, certain stains upon my honour. . . years ago. . . . with your multi billion dollar press. . . like a candidate screaming in the paper how the province did ever so wrongly give a city billions upon billions for pothole repair, and did then forthwith again proceeed in your billion dollar press to act like a Candidate and again fling like a Candidate more stains, like a Candiate does in Eelctions, upon my name, I must forthwith respond  to your Candidate actions, Candidate talk, and Candidate 1/2 attempt to influence the voter during elections with the means at my disposal to do so. For I, Dave Dowling, Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton do not have a Billion dollar press to do so.

So I forthwith, and herby do notify you to just show up at the N.A.I.T. Mayorality Debate October 3 from 7:30 pm to 9;30 pm. Where I shall proceed, with the means at my disposal to Publicly SLAP you with the truths of the matter and Publicly Pile drive you into the ground with the facts of the matter at least 15 times. . .

It’s a Promise, no threat. . . .

You may also wish to invite your enemies, all of them. Its free addmission, and I am sure they will enjoy the site, they may wish to bring video recorders, so decades later they can watch it and remember. You will probably want to tell your friend, (yes. . . no. . s. . . )that your out of town that evening, so they do not witness such horrors been bestowed upon you.

 Because of my disability, I have left some typoos in this so you may have something sweet in that crystal goblet to serve with your crackers, while you contemplate leaving town, or showing up. . .

Dave Dowling

Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton. . .

Vote Dave Dowling Oct 15

I was at the ward 5 debate at Harry Ainley Composite High school in the auditorium and was not impressed by one Candidate, and the other three Candidates In My Opinion all did rather well, but it was the last one to speak that won that debate In My opinion. Allthough I heard no mention of council wage cutting. Nor did I hear any talking about my inovative idea of selling of street names to corporations to pay for those rising infrastructure costs. . .

It was interesting to see some of the same issues raised at this councilors debate as was raised at the ward 4 debate I was at on Monday. . .

I would imagine that ward 5 will be a close race for the #2 spot.

On a side note, I believe someone from the media was a clicking their camera myway.
Perhaps point it at the councilor candidates, they are the ones on stage at these events.

October 3rd at NAIT  between the hours of 7:30pm to 9:30 pm  in the Mayor debate, point it my way.

Vote Dave Dowling Oct 15 Unlike other candidates for Mayor of Edmonton, that really have nothing at all on their web sites, This web site is chalk full of information. here you can learn why integrity, principals, morals and all those other good qualities of a leader, demand that I not grant interviews to a certain paper, because they have shown no impartiality during an election. If they wish to talk like a candidate, fling mud like a candidate and campaign like a Candidate, they should enter the election. You can even view an image of Dave Dowling without the sunlasses on!

Here at this web site You can also learn how a certain message board forum, chalk full of over 400 adds for one Candidate will not have any messages posted by Dave Dowling there because there is city resources going towards that place filled with over 400 adds for one candidate. You can even see, how I pointed out this problem and recieved a rant of pure ranting in reply. no offer to mediate, no offer to fix the problem, which would have been easy, (just hide the message board with the 400 pro-one candidate adds.) But no, all they did was rant like a madman on a mission, like a rabid beast when a problem was pointed out.  You can go to their site and see the vitrol dripping posts encouraged and reposted by the hosts. Probably because EEDC is their owner, and they are probably voting SCAMDEL

The City of Edmonton
 has NOT supplied one dime of funding, staffing, or consulting to this
 effort.” this is a quote from an email from that place that proves they are lying; for 
clearly shows tax payer resources were used to post that link on the city owned site. Or did the link fairy put that link up, when everyone was sleeping? and if so, why is an unauthorized link fairy allowed to access an official election site? Isn’t that the paid webmasters job?

Here, you can read how I, Dave Dowling know there is problems in Edmonton and you can even see that some upset me! the environment, tent city, potholes, 23% council raises, etc. Yes, you can see how I know integrity is important in leaders. How, I believe people should be able to learn about Candidates from a web blog or web site.

It’s amazing how some people will hate squirrels, yet I like them so much , I will make videos with squirrels in them. In My Opinion this lets you the overtaxed voter know, I care about trees, squirrels, clean air and good water, the environment, I’m all for saving it. . .

You will not learn if the other Candidates like squirrels from visiting their web sites. In fact, you will probably learn close to nothing about the other Candidates at the other Candidates web sites or web blogs.  but here you will learn that I Dave Dowling have principles, integrity, respect for the overtaxed voter, and am on top of all the issues, with ways to solve most of those issues posted here at this web blog.

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