Electioneering Choo Choo Train

A City is far different than a for profit corporation run by a chief executive officer. Cities are far different. A for profit corporation is there to make profit, whereas a City is there, according to:

“ part 2 of the

The Municipal Government Act

“c) recognize that the functions of the municipality are to
(i) provide good government,
(ii) provide services, facilities and other things that, in the opinion of the council, are necessary or desirable for all or part of the municipality, and
(iii) develop and maintain safe and viable communities.”

Roads, sewage treatment, bylaws, etc are what City councils deal with. No where in that municipality act is there anything about how the city council must spend money to make money as for profit corporations do. In fact city councils actually do not do much work, that is all left to the city administrator who administrates the day to day city business with the city employees. In fact, city council members are not suppose to be interacting with city employees, unless it pertanes to pertenet information been requested.

Besides the council meetings, which are required by law to deal with the city budget, anything else is things the various council members decide to do. all those meetings, those ribbion cutting cerimonies, those are all things they really do not have to do, and should not be getting paid to do, as they are not really essential to dealing with the city budget. If you looked at the actual time they spent on actual council business, like council meetings, they really do not work all that much, unlike a CEO of a major corporation who is there to make the corporation more profit. Those people are working all the time, on business deals all over, on the vidio sat phone, on the vip jet, and sometimes even at home during supper time.

Plus Corporation CEO’s usually get performance bonuses, when they make the corporation lots of profit. some of them have a specialized degree, related to the company they run, or own vast amounts of shares in the corporation they run. Totally unlike a City council member. A city council member is there to represent all of the people in the city, even those who did not vote for them and those who did not vote at all. This is totally unlike a corporation CEO, who is there to represent the majority of the shareholders. The vast majority of corporation CEO’s are not there to make sure thier competition has good roads to drive upon. Where as a city council member is there to make sure those roads are safe for everyone to drive upon, even those they disagree with! A Corporation is more of a fascist entity than a socialist entity like a city, like Edmonton is.

If one was to rank the Edmonton city councils pay, like a corporations CEO’s pay is ranked according to shareholder profit, one would be Voting Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton.

For the roads are a sham, a joke around the world, filled with so many potholes they are unsafe to drive, walk, or peddle upon. Those roads were so ice clad, snow drowned and wretched in winter, the city and beyond was whining, bitching and moaning about the wretched conditions, and how everyone had to wait for spring to clean the streets of all that snow and ice. Edmonton constantly has around 30 murders a year and is becoming known as stabmonton, yet the mayor continues to direct police to be in schools wanting and waiting to lock up your sons and daughters in jail, if they have the wrong plant in thier pocket. Tent city is closing. . . just before nomination day, because city council does not want that been there during voting time.

the $13,000 dollar raise, should have been at least a $50,000 chop in salary, for the job was not done.

Mayors and councilors deserve no where near what a corporation CEO gets, In My Opinion they should get no more than the commen labourer out cleaning the streets or cleaning the drains, for that is thier job, to make sure the streets are clean and the water flows down the drain pipe.

For real Leadership in the Mayor of Edmonton chair Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton, anything else is more of the same or worse. . .