The vote dave Dowling lightning bolt!

If you like potholed roads, then you better vote Scamdel, because I Dave Dowling know the roads are important and should be in reasonable condition. The Mayor and councils wages, should not be greater than the pothole repair budget!

If you like snow and ice clad streets in winter, then you just better get off the computer and go and vote Scamdel, for I Dave Dowling know Edmonton can afford clean streets in winter, and that cleaning the snow and ice from streets is important.

And if your all for a city going in debt with a spend spend attitude on $5 million dollar stair cases, $100,000 dollar yo yo giveaways in foreign lands, while the roads are negleted then you just better go and vote Scamdel for more of the same. .

If you like taxes going up and up and up with less and less services, like less road repairs, then you just better get out of the house Oct 15 and vote for the Scamdel and more of the same, because I , Dave Dowling would go over the budget, line by line, word by word and make sure essential core services are met.

And if you like council voting themselves $6 dollar per hour wage raises, then you better vote Scamdel, because I Dave Dowling know such outrageous wage raises are wrong and part of the problem.

If your all for council and the Mayor wasting the overtaxed voters money on $500,000 floats to tour parardes, $100,000 eye sore welcome to Edmonton signs, while doing nothing for the environment, then you better get out and vote Scamdel, for I Dave Dowling believe and know the trees and such and quality of air and water should come before city signs.

I have run in Federal campaigns, provincial elections and now a municipal election for the second time, with a state of the art, top of the line platform that respects the environment, the overtaxed voter, and points out the problems while offering state of the art, top of the line solutions for them.

I do not put up toxic billboards composed of toxic inks with toxic glues, that end up rotting away in the local lanfill leeching toxins into the environment. I also do not put up lawn signs that also are composed of trees, and also end up rotting away in the landfill. I leave that to the scamdels that have no respect for the environment.

Campaign reform, I, Dave Dowling walk it, not just talk it. Platform, its there on my weblog, and is state of the art, top of the line, its so good, all the scamdels can whine , bitch and moan about, is my typos, which are mostly due to a disability in one hand due to an injury and surguries, and my been rather bold and using no spell editor or city paid receptionist to check what I write.

October 15, for real leadership: vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton!