Where is the money 

Oh yes, it is very true, taxpayer money is been used for electioneering purposes. and you heard it here first, because the media really do not care about such important issues! Now I believe everyone is entitled to freedom of speech and that Candidates are allowed to put up web sites filled with propaganda like I have at this site. but I have done so with my own time, my own efforts, my own money. It is dastardly wrong, and terribly wretched, and an insult to the democratic process, and a slap in the face to electioneering laws and everything good that Edmonton stands for,  for a Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton to use taxpayer dollars to do so!

www.connect2edmonton.ca is owned by edmonton economic development

as http://www.allwhois.com/cgi-bin/allwhois.cgi clearly shows.

Edmonton Economic Development Corp. (EEDC) is a not-for-profit company owned by the City of Edmonton that is responsible for regional economic development, regional tourism marketing, and management of the Shaw Conference Centre and Edmonton Research Park. “

this is right from thier front web page on thier web site.

connect2edmonton is owned directly by the city of Edmonton!

at thier search page:


do a “vote mandel” search

and OVER 600 posts are there, all , everyone of them a pro mandel add paid by the city on a city owned web site, and most of them posted by a city employee, as the moderators there are directly working for the city.  It is a city owned web site, run by a city owned entity, with a link directly to the site on the front page of the official city of edmonton site. . .

now at that same search page type in Mandel

again a vast number of posts, and again everyone of them a pro mandel electioneering add, paid for by the city and and posted by a city employee.

Now at that same search page, type in just the last name of any other candidate for mayor of Edmonton. like Dowling or whatcott or duffy or lefaivre  and you will get reulst of nothing or less than nothing. Less than nothing is abusive slagging posts that try to character assasinate anyone but the current Mayor of Edmonton.

I, Dave Dowling may of stood as a Candidate for the Marijuana Party, but I have never ever misapropriated tax payer funds for electioneering purposes, and never ever would.

For leadership, integrity and respect for the overtaxed voter in the Mayor of Edmonton chair, Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton this October 15