Where is the money

After looking at the City of Edmonton financial results paper One can see why Taxes went up over 8% in 2006! the paper it’s self is printed on rather thick looking, expensive feeling paper. The financial results paper has nothing at all about been printed on tree free paper on it, and has what looks to be toxic to the environemnt colored inks upon it. With images of smiling people, snow shoveling people, and a slew of other images that take up at least 1/4 of the page.

The way the ink was wasted on all those solid colored feel good areas of the paper, that have nothing at all to do with financial results, other than to make those results more expensive, it looks as if this paper cost lots of tax payers cash, just for the colored ink. Of course most of the papers that were printed will end up in the landfill, leeching those inks into the environment.

Tax expenditures, grants, subsidies to miscellaneous boards and authorities and general financial costs went up a staggering 16% and debt principal repayments went up a whopping 13 % According to the paper, Corporate administration also went up three times the cost of living increases and jump up 9% to 95.1 Million dollars! The cost of all those police in schools went to 203.8 million dollars, an increase of only 5%.

Waste management cost 64.2 million and only increased 6% from 2005. The big one, was how city council and the Mayors office, increased thier take of the taxpayers loot by a 21 poorcent increase. . . to almost 4 million between the 13 of them.

The start of the paper tries to explains councils wretched job of snow removal mismanagement, and how that mismanagement really cost the over taxed voter. The 2006 city of Edmonton financial results paper also shows how EPCOR vastly overcharges its customers and has almost  a billion dollars in profits every year, and pays the city a paultry sum to do so.

All in all, the city of Edmonton financial results paper is a very revealing paper, filled with reasons to Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton!