Where is the money

Ft McMurry, Red deer, mayorthorpe, Edson, Jasper, Lloydminster, Whitecourt, Rocky mountain house and a slew of other Alberta towns and cities get very effective government for far far less than what ours gouges us for.

Heck, most mayors of the great nation of Alberta, make far less than the $13,000 raise ours is getting.

The premiers office spends less than the Mayor of Edmontons office does.

in 2006 $67,676.15 was spent by the mayors office just on travel, and partying down! As http://www.edmonton.ca/portal/server.pt/gateway/PTARGS_0_2_2581817_0_0_18/ clearly shows.

http://www.edmonton.ca/CityGov/corpservs/city_of_edmonton_annual_report06.pdf  page 18 or so shows how council meets only two to three times a month. . . .

2 or 3 times a month. . . thats how little they actually work. . .

And they are way too much overpaid for that.

a union weilder gets the same pay no matter the job site. Same with a unionized roofer.

fast food workers all get around the same pay.

And these people actually work.

Perhaps what is needed is some provincial standardization, like there is for teachers, lawyers, nurses, etc.

Or one could take an average of all the mayors of Alberta wages, which is far far less than what the current one is whining for. . .

either way, it’s already an election issue. . . and I know what My stand is on it.

It is the City Manager that does the real work.