I, Dave Dowling would never ever use the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues event to politic, while it excludes the other candidates from doing so at the event. It is Leadership that is the main reason for this. Just as I would never ever abuse a non-profit organization that was recieving Provincial government tax payer money, and have them use that tax payer money to pay for electioneering signs. Again , it is leadership that is the main reason for this. And I , Dave Dowling would never ever get city paid employees to post glowing article after rosey post about me on the Edmonton Economic Development’s connect2edmonton message board forum. Again, it is Leadership that is the reason for this decision of mine. Nor would I use a city paid receptionist to do my own personal business. Again this is because of Leadership.

 Leadership is what elections are all about. Some, Like I, Dave Dowling, have it, while others just pretend to have it and spend almost one millions dollar to con you into believeing they have what they do not.

This Campaign for Mayor of Edmonton, I , Dave Dowling, am leading the way with a state of the art, top of the line campaign that respects the environment and respects the overtaxed voter.

Proof of my leadership in this Campaign is this web blog that was up last year, with pertinent information for you the overtaxed voter.  This is not a one page web site asking for your time and money. fThis web blog is an example of leadership, and is filled with post after post, written by me, Dave Dowling, and posted by me, Dave Dowling, for you, the overtaxed voter. . . I, Dave Dowling am showing leadership on the issues and I, Dave Dowling am not putting up signs and not asking for donations. Elections should be about more than who kills the most trees for the landfill, and elections should also be about more than who cons the overtaxed voter for the most money to give to the media.

Elections should be about the issues, and the issue this election is Leadership.

And that quality of Leadership is only found here on this web blog.

Leadership, the #1 reason to vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton