Potholed plane flying over Edmonton potholes


has the story on how google is offering $ 30 million $ to the first person to land an unmanned vehicle on the moon and beam back 1 gig of images!

If one could capture all that hot air blowing about every time a certain someone defends thier Scamdelous $13,000 raise, and convert it into pure rocket power, they could land that unmanned vehicle lickety split on the moon before October 17th!

On a different note, the note of leadership, why doesn’t the city do something similar? Like offer a bonus to the company that comes up with a way to repave Edmontons roads in a more cost effective manner?

And where, where is the study that shows how increasing the number of signatures needed to stand for Mayor from 25 to 100 is a good and wonderful thing to do for democracy? Did the study, if there is even one done, show how this would increase the choices on the Ballot for who will represent you? And how much did this Study, if there is one cost the over taxed voters?

If there was no study done, no committee convened to dwelve into this matter of Democracy that put forth this recomendation, why was it done?

Was the only thing recommending this be done an angry Scamdel howling enough hot air to power a rocket to the moon? How sad. Democracy, the pillar of strong and free, pillaged by a howling fringe Mayor that puts $13,000 raises before the potholed streets of Edmonton. . .

For a Mayor that knows what democracy is Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton October 17th.