No Pirates in politics please

Has an article about two of the fringe candidates in the upcoming Edmonton civic election!

In a race to see who can kill the most trees and forests, one fringe Candidate is vowing to kill at least one forest for literature to put in peoples mailboxes, so they can put them in the garbage can for the landfill. This seams to be in response to the first fringe candidate showing how he was gonna kill the most forest with the billboards made of trees, and toxic inks, that like the literature by the other fringe candidate, will of course end up filling up the landfill after the election.

In thier contest of who can bellow the stupidest retoric for the longest amount of time in the loudest voice possible, the Media ate it all up and showed how neither fringe Canadidate has a platform of substance, to offer to you the overtaxed voter.

Kudos to for exposing these two for what they are: Way out from the fringe.. . where the coo coos cluck!

Meanwhile, potholes, snow removal, 8% tax hikes, 21% council raises, 23 ave, yo yo give aways, $200,000 floats , $100,000 worth of expired flu meds, $Billion dollar white elephant arenas and other such issues of LEADERSHIP contine to haunt the thoughts of the overtaxed voter of Edmonton, who really just has one choice on the ballot this October:

Dave Dowling candidate for Mayor of Edmonton.