Vote Dave Dowling Oct 15 nomination day video

I, Dave Dowling am standing for Mayor of Edmonton, because Edmonton needs some leadership in that Mayor of Edmontons chair.
Voting ones self a 21% raise is not an example of leadership, it’s an example of a fringe candidate doing those fringe things. As forcing a 8% tax hike on the overtaxed voter to pay for that 21% raise, is an example of fringe Candidates doing thier fringe things. Leadership is I, Dave Dowling, saying chop those excessive wages!

Leadership is knowing what Democracy is, Leadership is been able to listen to the people of Edmonton, and Leadership is been able to send a nice email to the premier instead of ranting like a fringe candidate in the media for those all important tax transfer dollars. Leadership is having a platform. A platform that respects the environment and the overtaxed voter of Edmonton with no signs that end up in landfills and no asking the overtaxed voter for money to give to the media. Leadership is putting up a web blog, months before the election starts so the overtaxed voter of Edmonton can learn about a Leader of Edmonton standing for Mayor of Edmonton. Leadership is having that platform on the web blog, months before the election starts. And Leadership is using those free web services like, to run a cost effective campaign!

Leadership is a quality that I, Dave Dowling have, and will use to the benifit of All of Edmonton. Leadership recognizes that cleaning the snow from the streets is important and that it is just as important to fix the potholes on those streets. Leaders know that the roads should come before things like $50,000 dollar yo yo giveaways in foreign lands, $100,000 worth of expired flu meds and $5 million dollar stairs.

 This election, vote for real Leadership and vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton.

If you can not Vote Dave Dowling then go here and find someone to vote for