Where is the money

Some one has to stand up for the integrity of the media’s impartiality during elections.  And it looks like I Dave Dowling an leading the way and doing so!

Should the Media be making outlandish controversial claims of partisian political posturing during elections and braying like a madman how so and so skin’s, (a Candidate in the election)  is a different color? Of course not!  Discrimination is against the law. Which is a good thing. Otherwise, all you would hear about in the media about the Mayor of Edmonton race is the two media darlings, Mr money, and Mr my genes are superior because of my tory card carrying father! Oh, my thats almost whats happening . . .

Perhaps the media does not use such flowery words of prose as I do when talking about thier two media darlings. Perhaps it is because these are the two giving the media the most $$$. . . $$$ can influence impartiality and turn it into partisian partiality that unduly stands against everything that Canadian flag flaps in the winds for.

Which is why

Vote Dave Dowling Oct 15 I, Dave Dowling have a item of leadership to address today, here at my media, which is only posted for you the voter. I do not make money off this webblog like media do off of you, the way a tax collector sucks the bank account empty, like a vampire killing off humanity.

Yes, it’s true,
I Dave Dowling am on social assistance because I Dave Dowling am physically disabled. Besides other physical problems, My main problem is 3 surguries on my one hand. I have problems typing because of this physical disabilitiy and make many typos and grammer errors because of it. Some, can not see past this. I Dave Dowling am very proud of every excellent typo I have ever made and will ever make. For me typing is not something that comes easy. It causes me severe chronic pain, as typing this post does.

There is problems in this city and country. Low oil royalty rates, no real representation in Ottawa for Edmonton, Campaign reform, democratic reform, the environment and the homeless, and the disabled like me that are only getting enough to slowly starve to death, while a Mayor, who is suppose to be showing leadership on such issues isn’t showing that leadership on the issues.

Art galleries, should not come before potholes, Million dollar staircases should not be put before snow removal, and $13,000 raises should not come before tent city, rising rents, out of control EPCOR bills, and $15 million dollar gazebos should not come before tax cuts.

I, Dave, Dowling am standing for Mayor because there is no real leadership in that Mayor of Edmonton Chair. And I am campaigning like no other leader standing for Mayor of Edmonton ever has.

Now, some out ther e may be wondering why I will not grant interviews to a certain media, and heres why.

Campaigning as I am for Mayor of Edmonton, My leadership integrity will not be compromised. I will not grant an interview to a major media that has a duty to the public to be impartial during an election, and isn’t doing that duty. There is no impartiality at that certain paper. Weeks before the election started, one of thier writters was writing partial partiality that should have never been there there in the first place.

To be slagging Candidate after Candidate that is only trying to change things for the better, while constantly and consistantly saying there is only 2 to vote for, 2 that will offfer only more of the same, more taxes, more outrageous wages, more white elephant projects. Ones trying to buy the election, and the other is trying to ride his dads coat-tails, and fringe claim to mental superiority, to victory.

These are who the certain paper and now others becuase of thier influence considers the only “two” candidates, while trying to character assasinate every other candidate, with partial derogatory labeling . The media is suppose to have a public trust to present the information and let you the people make up your own mind. Instead that certain paper and most of the media are trying to make your decisions for you!, they do not want you thinking for yourself, they want to do that for you. Hence they slag, disrespect, and abuse the Candidates they do not agree with.

Well, the media is not really needed anymore. Candidates can knock on doors, send out flyers and the internet is here. Every Candidate can be thier own media station, and we do not have to kill trees to do so. You too, can be your own media, set up your own web site, and be part of the solutions to our problems. You can make up your own mind on who to vote for, and that is why this web site is here, for you. So you can decide. I myself believe it is far better that you decide who to vote for instead of letting someone else make that decision for you. ]

this election there is more than the media darling two to vote for Mayor of Edmonton.

There is, myself, Dave Dowling and:

Dustin Becker
Khaled Kheireddine
George Lam
Peter T. Lefaivre
Robert Ligertwood
Bill Whatcott 


All these Candidates look to be people like you and me, that are stepping forward and  just trying to change things for the better. We all are campaigning in our own unique ways, and none of us, not one of us Candidates deserve the discriminatory labeling been done by the major media. That labeling should be left to you the voter to make, if you so choose to stoop to such a level.

The link above is where you can find contact information for all the Candidates so you can make your own decision instead of letting some “left in the last century media contributing to the problem,” do it for you.

Instead of letting some discriminatory media do it for you, that I just can not grant interviews to because of my integrity,principles, principals, Leadership and everything good that the charter of rights and freedoms stands for.  I personally hope that you the overtaxed voter, after making your own decisions, will decide to vote for Leadership and Vote Dave Dowling this October 15th.