Vote Dave Dowling Oct 15 I , Dave Dowling know that;

Edmonton can be a leader in a city that is people friendly. Edmonton can have clear airs, clean waters, and help the Mighty nation of Alberta exceed the Kyoto accord. Yes, I too can take it to a provincial level, or federallevel and challenge the premier of Alberta  or the Prime minister to 3 round s in the ring, no holds barred, UFC rules, for those billions of oil royalties to fix the roads.

But instead, aftyer winning both of those matches, I would say fork those Billions over to all the people of Alberta in the form of oil Royalty dividend checks, for the escelating EPCOR bills, the rising rents, the rising gas prices and the rising foods costs and daycare costs. For money is already budgeted for the roads, and there is ways a city can creatively find ways to raise more funds if needed for those roads, without been a bigger burden on the back of the overtaxed voter. 

Edmonton should be embracing environmental friendly technologies, instead of forking over a $13,000 raise for not fixing the potholed roads of Edmonton. Where are the hybrid only car lanes? where is the property tax rebates for solar panels, windmills, low flush toliets, and other such environmental friendly products.

Property tax incentives , combined with budgetary savings can easily be one way to help make Edmonton, the environmentaly friendly capital of the world. There indeed would be a title worthy of city of champions.

Edmonton deserves a future that has clean air, good waters, and a city where people enjoy that gift named life to its fullest, as it should be in any democracy, where the people show the government where to go by Voting Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton!