Vote Dave Dowling Oct 15

After a crushing  to the other Candidates nomination day, where Dave Dowling lead the way showing to the media and the excellent people of Edmonton, the issue is leadership, I Dave Dowling am saying that;

Yes, victory is mine  in the first debate, the two media darlings Scamdel, and Koziyuk, oops I mean Kostiyuk, or however his name is spelt, battled it out on thier tax and spend policies, One did though get a good laugh for the best clown line, although neither got a good round of crowd clapping like I, Dave Dowling did, for mentioning how I would chop that Mayors wage down to something reasonable. Something neither of them mentioned. Instead they battled it out over who could tax and spend your money the quickest. Victory.  The crowd of overtaxed concerned voters feated just one, and that one is Dave Dowling.

Notice the lack of election signs? Notice the other Candidates setting up message boards on the internet? Notice the other Candidates posting videos on the web? Notice how most Candidates have something similar from this web site in their platform?  Leaders Lead, which is what I , Dave Dowling am doing. My election budget is. . . . under twenty dollars. . . US!

And I did so just running for Mayor at that first debate, next one I just may stand.
I offered some pointers to sir kostalot , and showed two of the Candidates something it looks like they had never ever seen before in their life! And pointed out to the one Media darling, his sign and asked if they spelt his name right? 😛

I pointed out how Edmonton had voted and not voted in those 8% tax hikes, 21% council raises, and of course how such as tent city, potholes and snow removal are the result of lack of leadership in that Mayors chair, and that the remedy for that lack of leadership is to vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton.

A few looked worried that the 3 rounds in the ring, UFC rules, no holds barred, looser wears a clown suit, match would start right there. . .

Have no fear, people of Edmonton at the debates, I only beat them around the room with the truth, the facts, and the words of a leader showing that Quality that is needed in the Mayor of Edmonton Chair: Leadership.  R umormongering has it the real campaign slogan for one Candidate is actually cluck, cluck. The only thing rising is the hits on this web site.