How, sad, how wrong it truely was.

Vote Dave Dowling Oct 15

Here, I, Dave Dowling have done so, like a leader should, and will show how it should have been done, like a leader should: And I, Dave Dowling didn’t need tens of thousands of dollars to do so! full page media adds are expensive! 


Dear Premier Ed.

On behalf of all of Edmonton I would like to thank you and the government for the extraordinary windfall of funds for the infrastructure of Edmonton, Capital of the Strong and Free Nation of Alberta.

I am sure you would agree that in doing so, you and your government of the Nation of Alberta are keeping the public trust as a premier should, and I know most of Edmonton would be in agreeance with this. I trust that the people of the Capital of the Nation of Alberta can count on you to do even more if what your government has done is not enough.

Perhaps you could issue a statement to reassure the public here in Edmonton that you and your government would do so, as there are numerous Alberta highways that transport Albertans and Goods on these highways that wind through the Capital of this Strong and Free Nation.

Just as a wild rose need sunlight, water and good earth to grow and bloom into a rose in all its splendour, so too do cities fill with Albertans need those transfer funds to be a place where people like to live. As the Legislative grounds are a wondrous jewel in the city of Edmonton, so too should the highways of a Capital of a nation be.


I myself would like to personally thank you and commend you for doing so, and hope you keep all the people of Alberta in mind when making your decision on the Oil Royalty review. Surely you know my view on this issue already.



another of the infinite reasons to Vote Dave Dowling for Mayorof Edmonton.