Where is the money

I, Dave Dowling, will not support a place that In My Opinion is violating something.  There is three of those this election.

I have spanked one of the media for thier partiality slag written only to slag, 
And I didnt need a million dollar press to do so. As you see, they sure didn’t like that. In Dave vrs the Media goliath, Dave has declared VICTORY!, and Dave Dowling did not need a multi-million dollar press to do it Mr Asper.

 I have refused to attend a federation of connumity league function because only one of the candidates for Mayor o f Edmonton was invited to speak and now:

I will point out that this is all copyrighted by me Dave Dowling today 2007, all rights reserved as by this site copyright and this post has the additional which is that site I am texting about has no right to abuse my copywritten stuff. 

I not only refuse to post at that site, I call them all liars! And here is why.  they lied and said they get no city resources. . .

When I go into debates, there isnt adds all over the walls for one Candidate. Nor do the monerators post anti-Dave Adds on the walls.  

I not even gonna mention the name of the message board it is so discussting that this sortid tale is even happening.

I pointed out even before the election started that something was wrong with this place.

I wrote about it July 8th 2007 https://davedowling.wordpress.com/2007/07/08/is-this-place-violating-election-laws-httpwwwconnect2edmontoncaforum/

I wrote about it sept 5 https://davedowling.wordpress.com/2007/09/12/i-dave-dowling-am-standing-for-mayor-of-edmonton/ and

sept 12 BEFORE the election started. https://davedowling.wordpress.com/2007/09/12/i-dave-dowling-am-standing-for-mayor-of-edmonton/

I pointed out how either tax payer funds , tax payer resources or tax payer something was going towards this place filled with adds for one person, posted by the moderators, with sneering comments directed at myself and others. Something that does not happen at any  debate I have been to.

I then refused an invitation to that place and they have slagged me ever since there. https://davedowling.wordpress.com/2007/09/05/how-tax-money-is-misappropriated-for-electioneering/

 Its suppose to be impartial. LOL, it isn’t.

The people that run it lied and siad they get no city resources, yet every Candidate had one of thier letters in the Candidate package they picked up. Someone printed that letter and stuffed it in that package. Either way city resources went towards a non-partial place. Misuse of Election funds. There is even a link to the site on the offical city of edmonton election site, again more resources going to wards a partisian political organization, that says it isnt political one bit.

But it is.

when there is a message board titled “Politics” that’s about as political as it gets.

there is over 400 pro-one candidate adds there, and mostly posted by the moderators of that site. 

Integrity, another of the many reasons to Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton.