Vote Dave Dowling Oct 15

Yes, I questioned the partiality of one of Mr. Aspers slaves years ago.  It seams Mr Asper has a beef with disabled people standing for Election as Mayor of Edmonton, and questioning the impartiality of one of his yellow journalism media rags. Yes, Mr. Aspers Slave writter, has been flinging poo at me. The poo flinger started it years ago, and cast the first piece of poo using his masters Multi-million dollar printing presses. I , Dave Dowling, did not even have my free web blog then. . . .

All I Dave Dowling have is my free web blog. I don’t have the Asper families vast array of newrags, slaves and telivision stations and secret society members.

Your a bully and a coward,

“Leonard J. Asper
President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Asper, a lawyer, joined CanWest in 1991 as Associate General Counsel for the Company’s Global Television station in Ontario. Thereafter, he held various positions in corporate development and was Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Asper took over as President and CEO of the Company in 1999. He serves as Chairman of the Board of CanWest MediaWorks (Canada) Inc. and various other CanWest Global subsidiaries. He is a director of the TEN Group Pty Limited (Australia), CanWest MediaWorks (NZ) Limited, and numerous companies within the CanWest group of companies. He is also a Director of the University of Winnipeg Foundation, Business Council of Manitoba, and Canadian Council of Chief Executives, and founder of The Joshua Foundation, a private charitable trust. ”

 It seams Leonard  J Asper is telling Edmonton who to vote for, and if not, well Edmonton could get nuked or something horrid like that.

After all, I Dave Dowling, only have my free web blog and a campaign budget of under $20 US!

The Asper family’s pet slave, he’s got the Aspers multi-million dollar presses to slag me Dave Dowling candidate for Mayor of Edmonton, day after day in the Aspers multi-million dollar presses, which if you have noticed, the Aspers pet slave writter is doing every time he can, in their multi-million dollar presses.

Now, that pet slave writter of the Asper family, he can rant and whine all day long in their multi-million dollar presses how he has been wronged and savaged by Dave Dowling, but we all know how it truely is. And he can even fing more poo around in the aspers multi-million dollar presses, but all that slave flung pooo isn’t stopping Dave Dowling from entering elections to change things for the better, which Asper family slaves do not like. And we all know slaves have always said they are free to post whatever hatemongering poo they wish to post in the Asper family multi-million dollar presses, but we all know slaves are slaves and write only what the masters tell them to write. An Asper family slave has no freedom of expression, unless they are using the Multi-million dollar Asper family presses to throw that poo at a disabled person like I, Dave Dowling who is standing for Mayor of Edmonton.

Asper family slaves, luv the bully pulpit of yellow journalism to inflict thier Asper Masters plans upon the disabled like Dave Dowling, candidate for Mayor of Edmonton. 

I would challange that cowardly Leonard J. Asper, to three rounds in the debate ring, but it seams Mr. Asper would rather use his slaves, and his multi-million dollar bully pupit of yellow journalism to fling the poo at Dave Dowling , Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton.

In an equal poo-flinging contest, Mr Asper knows he would loose and loose most horridly, and this is why he is a coward.

It’s the Multi-million dollar press and ten cent slave vrs Dave Dowling and his free web blog.

That bitter taste in your mouth, Asper family slave, thats the bitter taste of the truth, And I

Dave Dowling did not need an Asper family multi-million dollar press to fling  that poo right back at you asper family slave.

Slave, now go be a good Asper family slave and fling more poo at Dave Dowling, Candidate brave enough to put his name on the ballot for Mayor of Edmonton.

 Asper family members that hide behind thier pet slaves and multi-million dollar presses while flinging the poo at the disabled like Dave Dowling, Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton. . . . are cowards.