Vote Dave Dowling Oct 15

For the $600,000,000.00 (six-hundred million Canadian Dollars) it is costing to go 2 miles underground, an above ground system could have gone from Sherwood park to Edmonton to Spruce grove, and from Ft Sask to Edmonton to Leduc. The provincial government was talking about a high speed line between Calgary And Edmonton for just a couple of billion. That is far far less than hundreds of millions of overtaxed voters money per mile.
Why Edmontons rail system costs hundreds of millions per mile is almost beyond my understanding. And I am sure the answer is somewhere similar to why a bridge at 23 ave over a two way street and a railroad is more expensive than any bridge ever built to go over the riverbank of the North Sask. River. With 23 ave, its 1/3 of billions per 1/10 kilometer!

Some of the costs can surely be blamed on inflation, but perhaps someone also decided on a policy of spend and tax, rather that budget and look at savings.

To Budget, one must know how. Something anyone on social assistance has plently of skills with.

How to Budget, another of the many reasons to Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton