Vote Dave Dowling Oct 15

Off to the right there is some text in bold titled BLOGROLL

under that blogroll is a bunch of links to other web sites.

None of those people pay to have that link there.

There is a link to Mr. Diotte’s site because Mr. Diotte, years ago wrote one of the best impartial articles I have ever had written about me. Like the other paper which really sucks that is feuding with me, using their muti-million dollar press while I use my free web blog, the one he (Mr. Diotte)works fors for kind of also sucks, but it is easier to read on the bus than the other one thats feuding with Dave Dowling, using thier multi-million dollar press, while I use this free web blog.  

Mr. Diotte wrote that nice article about me, 21 days before he had his problems start with the overtime bar sting thingy. Mr. Diotte, earned that free link that has been there for ever so long on this web site.

weblink explainations, like typos due to disabilities, another of many reasons to Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton.