Vote Dave Dowling Oct 15 Unlike other candidates for Mayor of Edmonton, that really have nothing at all on their web sites, This web site is chalk full of information. here you can learn why integrity, principals, morals and all those other good qualities of a leader, demand that I not grant interviews to a certain paper, because they have shown no impartiality during an election. If they wish to talk like a candidate, fling mud like a candidate and campaign like a Candidate, they should enter the election. You can even view an image of Dave Dowling without the sunlasses on!

Here at this web site You can also learn how a certain message board forum, chalk full of over 400 adds for one Candidate will not have any messages posted by Dave Dowling there because there is city resources going towards that place filled with over 400 adds for one candidate. You can even see, how I pointed out this problem and recieved a rant of pure ranting in reply. no offer to mediate, no offer to fix the problem, which would have been easy, (just hide the message board with the 400 pro-one candidate adds.) But no, all they did was rant like a madman on a mission, like a rabid beast when a problem was pointed out.  You can go to their site and see the vitrol dripping posts encouraged and reposted by the hosts. Probably because EEDC is their owner, and they are probably voting SCAMDEL

The City of Edmonton
 has NOT supplied one dime of funding, staffing, or consulting to this
 effort.” this is a quote from an email from that place that proves they are lying; for 
clearly shows tax payer resources were used to post that link on the city owned site. Or did the link fairy put that link up, when everyone was sleeping? and if so, why is an unauthorized link fairy allowed to access an official election site? Isn’t that the paid webmasters job?

Here, you can read how I, Dave Dowling know there is problems in Edmonton and you can even see that some upset me! the environment, tent city, potholes, 23% council raises, etc. Yes, you can see how I know integrity is important in leaders. How, I believe people should be able to learn about Candidates from a web blog or web site.

It’s amazing how some people will hate squirrels, yet I like them so much , I will make videos with squirrels in them. In My Opinion this lets you the overtaxed voter know, I care about trees, squirrels, clean air and good water, the environment, I’m all for saving it. . .

You will not learn if the other Candidates like squirrels from visiting their web sites. In fact, you will probably learn close to nothing about the other Candidates at the other Candidates web sites or web blogs.  but here you will learn that I Dave Dowling have principles, integrity, respect for the overtaxed voter, and am on top of all the issues, with ways to solve most of those issues posted here at this web blog.