Vote Dave Dowling Oct 15 

I, Dave Dowling was at the ward 4 candidate debate at Mcnalley school

And I Dave Dowling, do wish I Dave Dowling could vote for all those candidates. they all brought up excellent issues and showed any one of them would be an excelllent councilor.

It will be rather hard to vote for just two of them.

I am sure I saw an Edmonton sun reporter or four there. The Edmonton sun is an excellent paper.

 At one time Candidates standing for Mayor of Edmonton only needed 25 signatures and $500. Pretty well anyone could stand for office.

then the signatures requirement went up fourfold. Much fater than inflation rates, and people clamored for the fee to increase too!

On another note today , here on my free web blog, I heard how the Asper family Billion dollar media empire and family is all against democracy where candidates can stand for office. The aspers had their family paper pet mouth piece against anything new or good,  start a ranting and a spewing how only rich candidates with lots of “connections” should stand for Mayor s o f Cities in their Billion dollar presses.

Yes, the Aspers had their ‘ittle pet mouthpiece using their multi-Billion dollar presses out saying how people that stand for political election should have to gather 200,000 signatures, have $200,000.00 deposits and of course how any Candidate must have in writting, the personal approval of 2/3’s of the asper family before they even dare think of been in elections trying to change things for the better.

This is what the Aspers call democracy in their Billion dollar media with their pet mouthpieces. How s   a  d that truly is.

Sadder yet is how they use that asper family Billion dollar presses, and well paid mouth pieces against I, Dave Dowling, who only has this free web blog, and a social services check.

Yes, Leaders do not need Billion dollar presses and pet media mouth pieces trained to bark to know

2,000,000 signatures and $2,000,000 dollar deposits are just wrong.

I myself believe anyone should be able to stand for office, thats what democracy is all about.

$20,000,000.00 Fees and 20,000,000 signature requirements are just ways that totalitarian dictatorship luvin’ people discriminate to keep those they hate out of the process.

It’s usually only when those fees hit $2,000,000,000.00 and 2,000,000,000 signatures that those asper family pet media mouthpieces realize something is wrong when only the totalitarian dictator is running for office.

The slipery slope, another of the many reasons to Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton.