Electioneering Choo Choo Train 

Thursday, near the End of the week, and I am taking the day off, slept in today got up very late. Opened the mail, read the letter I got from Premier Ed ,  and watched some doctor who over at CBC.

http://www.cbc.ca/doctorwho/episodes.html episode 12 The Sound of Drums was a very bizzare episode, Bizare because there was an Election in the episode! I thought it was very relevant to this election, So I recommend every one to watch it!  it has no commercials, which is what Government should be like.

www.albertabloc.org is also a great site to learn about Oil royalty Rates and why some are now throwing that countries name of Venezula around like its tents for the homeless. Yes, I Dave Dowling, Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton,  shamelessly plug the Alberta Bloc, it’s my favorite political party, and I, Dave Dowling, have no problem saying so. I, Dave Dowling,  believe the overtaxed voter should know exactly what the Candidates political views are, just like Doctor Who is better without the commercials!

I am not sure if the other Candidates for Mayor of Edmonton have stated what political parties they support, bravely and boldy like I, Dave Dowling have, like a leader should, and like Mr. Lam have, so the overtaxed voter is informed, The Media was rumormongering that one of their media darlings supports the tax and spend political party, while the other media darling according to the media rumormongering mill is supporting the spend and tax party.

Perhaps those other Candidates are just not brave and bold like a Leader should be during elections,  like Dave Dowling is informing the overtaxed voter. here on this web blog, the first ever internet campaign headquarters.