Vote Dave Dowling Oct 15

I, Dave Dowling will CHOP the Mayors wage, AXE next years cost of living increase and take a chainsaw to the budget! 

Yes, next years raise for the tax and spend or spend and tax Candidate will be around $6,000.00 (Almost what two single employable people on welfare would recieve in the entire year!) due to the worships cost of living increase.

Apprantly the price of bread and kraft dinner will be drasticly increasing! Yes, at a 3% cost of living increase on that whoppingly large almost $200,000 Mayors wage, the raise next year will be almost six-thousand ($6,000.00 CAN) of your overtaxed dollars!
I Dave Dowling who appears to be the first Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton to point out this little talked about fact of tax money squandered would never ever accept a $6,000.00 cost of living increase.

Cost of living increase? My Gawd, its more of a pirate pillaging and plundering your overpicked pocket. Overpicked by the taxman for this years $13, 000.00 Raise.  Next year there will be almost $6,000 dollars less for ther potholes and the homeless. Unless taxes goe up.

Or unless you Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton,I will chop the Mayors wage!

P.S. Oct. 3 Scott, around 8pm, NAIT. . . . .