the Robin says

Leadership is: Dave Dowling stating  10 million per year could go towards the homeless, and perhaps lowering taxes or helping out failing community leagues, or better yet buying up properties along the riverbank and razing them to the ground so there is more parks, more trees, more squirrels, more bees, more places for people to just stop and say, wow, look at all that nature!

 Others, who are not leaders only want to rip, rend, and get rid of the trees such as:

10-20 million per year to pour concrete, and put in coffee bars so tourists can have something to litter the rivervalley with.

Of course the Questions start, such as Who will be getting preferencial treatment on those coffee bar ownerships?
And will the city be stuck with the bill for picking up all those empty coffee cups?
And how, how will all those new coffee bars be supplied? by trucks and vehicles polluting their way through the riverbanks is how!

Yes, more roads, more litter, more pollution, and vehicles all over the place! Jet boats polluting up the river waters, a fleet of Edmonton queens making sure no geese or ducks stop in those polluted beyond belief river waters. And of course less trees, less birds, less bees, and lots of manicured lawns that need city employees out chopping that grass every weekend. More poluution from all those gas guzzling lawn mowers. and more noise.

YEs, that is somes vision of the river valley. Property to be developed.

And then there is Dave Dowlings, more trees, more nature, more places to just stop and smell the wild roses.