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Vote Dave Dowling Oct 15 

I, Dave Dowling know leadership is needed for the woes a city faces.
The environment, infrastructure, inflation, the poor and homeless and issues like $13,000 raises this year, close to $6,000 wage increases next year, $200,000 of expired flu meds, $200,00 floats to tour other cities, $100,000 yo yo give aways in foreign lands, $5 million dollar stairs, $10,000,000.00 of concrete for the river valley, $88 million dollar white elephants, $ 15 million dollar gazebos, 100, oops 200, nope, 300 million dollars and climbing 23 ave, $600 million or more for 3 kilometers of train track, One million dollars per year office budgets, and fat cat expense accounts are all examples of non-leadership. As is tent city, potholes, snow removal, 8 % tax hikes, john walters ferry landing, terwillegar park “temporary ” dry dock for the Edmonton Queen, Burying power lines underground and other such issues.

There is ways to pay for infrastructure, like looking at cost effective ways to deliever services, and there is savings in the budget that can be applied to issues that are real, instead of make believe issues that just waste tax payers money , like yo yo give aways in foreign lands.

Embracing environmental friendly technology can and will make Edmonton a city of Champions that inspires other Cities to emmulate Edmonton. Coffee shops in the Riverbank only add to the problem not fix the problem , like lots of trees do by sucking up pollutants and releasing good Oxygen for people to breath.

Allthough some seam to want to “develop” every park there is in the River valley untill the entire River system is just another Whyte Ave, I do believe most would rather have trees and such along that river , where people like to walk, bike, run and just stand to enjoy the view of so much Nature. It is the trees and parks that are in the tourists picture album, not the coffee shops and disco bars.

Leadership is what brings those issues to a close in a manner that everyone agrees with. Leadership is about all the issues, and each one can take a different approach. Leadership knows that $13,000 raises are wrong, and that the roads should be safe to walk a nd drive upon no matter the season or time of Day.

Edmonton has a real choice this Election for Mayor of Edmonton. Edmonton can vote for spend and tax or tax and spend or Edmonton can Vote for cost effective budgeting and vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton.