October 2007

 third star

Yes, indeed, you should car pool, but not the Mayor! or so the rumormongering mill over at I do believe the www.edmontonsun.com (I do believe car pooling might of been mentioned on this blog .. months ago oops, almost a year ago! https://davedowling.wordpress.com/?s=passenger+only+lane) Allthough a car pooling and bus lane only would be an excellent idea, which you probably heard here for the first time ever! As there is already bus lanes. . .this would be easy to implement. . .  

Yes, the www.edmontonsun.com was a pointing out how the Mayor wants you to car pool, but not himself. I suppose because the Mayor wants more room to drive to work! Yes, indeed, everyone better pull over and start car pooling, to get out of the way, because the Mayors on the road, or so the story goes, over at the www.edmontonsun.com

I suppose he’s carrot and sticking all those duely elected councilors to vote for the mortals of Edmonton to be fined for not car pooling. After all someone has to pay for those excessive cost of living increases council and the mayor will be getting.Which is just what the non-voting majority want, to keep not voting. Such apathetic to the people policies only encourage the people to Not vote. And not voting is what it’s all about, that way the Mayor and such only have to con around 10 poorcent of the people to keep it the way it is.

Which is higher taxes, higher council wages, and things only getting done when there is an election!

After all it’s almost 1/2 a month since the election, and what exactly has council done for you besides waste lots of taxpayers money?
Don’t worry councilors, allthough the stick may make you cringe, the carrot will probably be tasty!

On a side note:

I noticed why a certain copy and paste scribe is truly a scribe,
and not a columnist, nor reporter, nor anything approaching an editor!
Yes, indeed, there I was, the other day, still enjoying the VICTORY of
the voters of Edmonton caring enough about the environment and such to place your truely,
Dave Dowling in 3rd place in the Mayor of Edmonton race the 6th largest city in Canada,
when someone I know showed me something dark, something bad, something horrid.
A scribe trying to be a writter, and making a horrid mistake, almost a lie!
Yes, indeed a certain scribe, did indeed call me a ‘video creator?’ Video creator?
Never heard of that title! New age movie producer, Producer, video producer
youtube clip producer or even Media activist Media clip producer,
would have been the proper form, and proper title.
but instead we have what we have, a mere and meager scribe,
unable to comprehend the election VICTORY of 3rd place out of 9 candidates,
on a budget of under $20 USA, and using a ten thousand dollar press to be a bully
and use that press for Name calling like a bully in a school does.
On top of the numerous spewing of fringe at myself,
this bully scribe who has recieved this email
and does not work at the excellent paper the www.edmontonsun.com
has also flung at me the name of gonzo, and now can not admit I am an excellent video producer,
and has instead flung the name of video creator at me, Dave Dowling, probably out of spite or something simillar in horrid taste.
Once would have been allright, but now, now we have three instances of improper name flinging 
(fringe, gonzo, creator).  been flung my way by the bully of the press, scribe whats his name over at the broadsheet place.
I may not have a billion dollar press like the wonderful Edmonton sun has, or a rundown piece of crap press like the bully scribe uses but I know bullism when I see it.


Where is that enviromental friendly power that the Mayor was Standing up for, way back on October 11, 2007?

In the Video, the Mayor is clearly standing up for envirofriendly power generating equipment.

Where is it?

When is EPCOR, which has HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in PROFIT every year putting solar panels on your house?

When are those windmills going in along the freeways?

Where is the solar panels for the buildings dowtown?

 potholed vehicle

With the surpluses from the ever so low 4th world Oil royalty rates, 4th world because 3rd world venezula gets more, why hasn’t the government invested in am environmentally friendly vehicle manufacuring plant? Compressed air, electric, hydrogen, fuel cell, and whatever else that is environmentally friendly should be manufactured here in Edmonton, Capital of the Nation named Alberta.

Edmonton would be a fine choice for setting the example on how to achieve a better environment for future generations. Something those councilors should be working on. Edmonton could waive land fees for such a project, they could even build it downtown where the old post office is! Maybe people around Edmonton could raise $500 million or more to invest in it. . . . Perhaps then the city could also waive property taxes for such a plan.

Of course though, the Mayor believes it is more important to stick and carrot councilors into wasting money on million dollar beaches in the river valley park system, rather than make sure Edmontonians have cleaner air.

Environmentally friendly engines can also be used to generate. . . . electricity! Too bad EPCOR isn’t sinking a couple of hundred of million into a joint venture with those people that want to waste 500 million to a billion on redeveloping the old post office. If one threw in the hundred million of so the mayor will bully the councilors into wasting on the river valley, there would be almost 1 billion to build a environmentally friendly car manufacturing plant here in Edmonton.

If the Provincial government and federal government matched it and added a couple billion more of that oil generated surplus, there would be close to 3 billion to build such a feat of wonder here in Edmonton, Capital of the Nation of Alberta.

But no, with a bit over 10 poorcent of the vote the Mayor will of course, with the carrot and stick, bully those councilors into wasting the overtaxed voters money on more expensive legacy projects. Which  of course makes the majority non-voters even more happy to not go to the polls and vote.

Yep, Bill Smith at least showed leadership and had the people voting.

 Potholed car

Potholed roads are still everywhere, and council is all ready with their almost 10 % of the voters support to tax and spend, because appearrantly, the current Mayor says so! those councilors almost always obey the totalitarian Mayor that looks to be using committee chairships in a carrot and stick approach to divide and conquor the councilors into voting how he tells them to. Vote for more taxes to spend on legacy projects, with hints of wages lost and wages gained. Vote to spend more taxes on insainly costly road overpasses more expensive than any brige over the river, says his worship, and the councilors with no reguards for their political future do as told! Or else. . so the saying goes.

 Those poor councilors, unable to organize and stand up for democracy and the 90% of the people that did not vote for them. Yes, those councilors would rather represent the Mayors grand plans for spend and tax legacy projects than worry about the 90% that did not vote for them. Indeed, it will probably be three more years of councilors doing the Mayors will, rather than organize and stand up for the peoples will.

Each Mayor and councilor only get one vote. and they will in the next 155 weeks be voting about 200 or so times on City of Edmonton matters. Each of those votes is suppose to represent the will of the people, but, just look at the last three years, those votes only represented the Mayors will. Yes indeed, As I will probably be standing for Mayor of Edmonton in 2010, all those councilors will be standing up for the Mayor and voting how the Mayor tells them to vote, meekly, and probably with a bowed head.

After all when I, Dave Dowling decrease my campaign budget by over 500%, and increase the number of voters voting Dave Dowling by over 300%, to such a point that I was 3rd out of nine Candidates, such things could worry those that had thier vote totals drop, even though they spent like a hornet stung mule in a chinaware shop.

 Noce might also be running in 2010 for Mayor of Edmonton according to I believe, the www.edmontonsun.com

Oh, well, some of those councilors may be re-elected in 2010, and Maybe Thiele will might stand for Mayor, I could see that person taking controll of council and organizing all the councilors to stand up for the people instead of the Mayor, but, I doubt he has the courage to do so, (stand and organize.)

Beaches in the rivervalley parks. Million dollar ones. Beaches that will be good for about 2 months, then the duck and goose poop will start to cover them. then no one will wnat to go the bird poop infested beaches. Within two years all the bird poop will cause grasses and other such plants to grow on the “beaches.”  More millions flushed, because councilors only do what the Mayor says. . .

Surfing around the internet, I have noticed that those that hark on and moan and groan how weed should be illegal have no evidence. Those prohibitionists, will instead hark on about typoos, because , they want you to be the bad guy, not them, which they truly are. . .

In fact all them prohibitonists seam to have is antidotal stories where they mention how so and so a friend to whomever HAD A BAD EXPERIANCE. . . ]

It’s almost amuzing how they use reefer madness FICTION to back up their stance that anyone who uses Marijuana is a terrorist ready to kill the english language with typoos.

It;s amuzing how they work themselves up into an almost frothy rage, when they see any post on the internet that tells the truth, how Marijuana is a herb that Health Canada has licensed almost 2000 people to consume to imporve their quality of life.

The dirty prohibitioninsts like to have this well known truth blow in one ear and ever quicker blow out the other ear.

Usually because there is nothing in between those two ears.

Prohibitionists have no facts, no studies, no truth to back up thier ill-stained lies, and beliefs of barbarianism.

Prohibitionists usually believe they are the best thing on the planet since alcohol was first manufactured. Which they are not. Most prohibitionists would luv dinner with their guest, talking about how those that are different should be shot.

Yes, dinner would go o n with the prohibitionists and guest laughing and joking until the guest took off his mask and revealed Hitler sitting there with the prohibiitonists.

It is at this point that the moral hypocrisy of the prohibiitonists rises to the surface and they lash out at any who support the repeal of prohibition. for sometimes that image in the mirror can be frightening.

that Laugh as they look in the mirror is the laugh of insanity. For not too many people, like it when from that mirror reflects a wantabe hitler, ready to tell everyone around them what they can do with their body.

And that is the core belief of prohibiitonists, that they own your body. Slavers believed the same.

 hypnotic meditation line makes you vote dave dowling

It’s a week gone by, and what exactly has council done?
Oh, oh, I believe they have already cost the overtaxed Edmonton non-voter who is in the majority in Edmonton, more taxes.

Welcome to the Nonocracy. A nonocracy is where the 75% of the people that do not vote are not represented.

The non-voting majority believes whats the use, taxes always go up no matter who is on council. This happens because councilors, once elected, seam to only do what the mayor says. And the Mayor usually says tax and spend, or spend and tax, and the councilors, who throw represent the people out the window, only listen to the sweet words of the Mayor’s voice, and that voice usually says, vote for “Spend and tax and Tax and spend,” it’s what the Mayor wants! Which is sad for the non-voting majority. the discusted so much with government that they do not vote, non-voting majority would rather have taxes go fown if possible.

The voting minority, will of course, probably turf a couple of those councilors, in a futile attempt to straighten out government, for only listening to the Mayor, and not listening to the people, but that happens every election. And of course, acouple of councilors just may retire after heaping together enough loot to sink a battleship. Loot of course wrung from the pockets of the overtaxed voter in the form of excessive wages. Millions every year not spent on fixing the roads, or solving poverty.

The non-voting majority will of course grumble and moan about the way things are because of the vast number of people not voting in the government they got. And of course, Edmonton will probably go more in debt for expensive legacy projects which councilors can carve their name upon so their legacy lives forevermore.

Yes indeed, no solar panels for Edmonton or other such cost saving effective products that actually improve the quality of life for edmontons people. No, instead its art galleries, million dollar beaches and boat landings only useful for 1/2 the year and double double coffee cups floating down the river.

 pothole fixer E friendly

Today while still enjoying the VICTORY of 3rd place on a Campaign budget of under $20 USA, I was surfing the net when I came across an excellent article by Mr Diotte or the www.edmontonsun.com

http://www.edmontonsun.com/News/Columnists/Diotte_Kerry/2007/10/18/4585180.html  in the article by this excellent columnist, Mr. Diotte shows how that broadsheet paper(hard to unfold , hard to hold, hard to read) isprobably filled with lazy scribes. Scribes only copy, Writters like the excellent colomnist Mr. Diotte, usually write their own stuff, and do not have to resort to copy and pasting from Emails they get, like lazy scribes at broadsheet papers do, in complete violation of everything sacred about copyrights.

Yes, Mr. Diotte, also points out how that lazy scribe post filled broadsheet rag also prints nothing but the stink from steaming piles of BS. Which I was pointing out months before the last civic election got underway. Yes, that rag puts corporate profits and sensationalism before informing the people.

There is an excellent video on youtube, it’s one of my favorites where John F Kennedy talks about freedom of the press.

According to John F. Kennedy, the  “Informing and alerting” the people is what should come before corporate profits. In america it is because of the ability to “inform and alert” that the press is the only business protected by their charter of rights and freedoms. President Kennedy was talking about this 4 decades ago. . .

Yes, I will put stock in a dead presidents speech, before I bend over for a copy and paste “broadsheet scribe.”

Better than the name “broadsheet”  that gutterrag we all nickname the “urinal


p.s. scribe scot, mr Katz’s store could probably sell ya all some “bring the heart rate down” meds, online!, that way no one has to know its you.

p.s.s. copy and paste scribe scot, anyone can be brave and stand for election. It takes  two of  those things dangling between ones legs to be the SIZE OF ALBERTA, to stand for Mayor of Edmonton on a campaign budget of under $20 USA, and have the VICTORY of  3rd.  VICTORY, scot, perhaps one day, like Me and Mr. Diotte, you too will sip sweetness from that cup that overflows. . . .

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