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Vote Dave Dowling Oct 15

I am a totally normal functioning human. Most handicapped or disabled people are.

In the 90’s , when I lived in BC for 3 years, I managed to take a self assesment course through social services there, it was something I volunteered to take, I was not forced into taking this course. I wish there had been something in Alberta like that.

I did so, because I believe most disabled people are able to do things that contribute to society, and I wished to find something I could do.

After almost 2 months of self assesment tests and stuff like that, I was able to narrow it down to 3 jobs I would be able to do, with the disabilities I have.

One was been a priest , which made me laugh, as I don’t see me doing that. Another was Dean of a university, which I believe would be interesting, but as you all have noticed, I make lots of typos, so In My Opinion which is the one that really matters, I don’t believe I would make a good Dean of a university, mainly because of so many typos.

The other choice was politics, which I am doing, have been doing and will be doing.

This is the fifth election I have been in. the fourth one where I have put up no signs, and I have noticed there is less of them this election.

This is the fifth election where I have taken no money from the overtaxed voter, and again , this election there is more Candidates doing so.

The Alberta Bloc, which I am the leader of, has been clamoring about oil royalty rates since the Alberta bloc started, and I have noticed how even the Alberta Governmetn is now agreeing with the Alberta Bloc that oil royalty rates are too low.

Edmonton needs a Mayor that knows how to do cost effective budgeting instead of tax and spend or spend and tax. Edmonton needs a Mayor that knows $13,000 raises are wrong, and that almost 4 million dollars a year for council in wages, perks and privledges is just down right wretched.

the Candidates for Mayor of Edmonton:
there is tax and spend or spend and tax, and there is bill, bob and dustin, and of course George and Khalid,

Which leaves Peter the political rookie, who I would vote for if not standing for Mayor myself and
The experienced, ready to serve Leader:

Dave Dowling, who you know you should be voting for Mayor of Edmonton on October 15th!