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Vote Dave Dowling Oct 15

I, Dave Dowling know that: Rising prices on everything is what inflation is.
Unfortuantly people like Seniors on fixed incomes do not have their incomes go up , while everything else does.
The City of Edmonton can do something about this, besides screaming at the provincial government for hundreds of millions for 23 Ave.

The City of Edmonton owns EPCOR, 100%, and could easily work with the provincial government to ensure those people on fixed incomes never have an EPCOR bill ever again.  EPCOR made over $600 million profit. . . . last year.

I, Dave Dowling know that for a minimal cost The City of Edmonton could also work with the provincial and federal governments to identify those on fixed incomes and waive property taxes. . .

The city could work with provincial and federal governments to build or purchase low cost housing for those on fixed incomes. The city could waive lot fees, taxes, and EPCOR bills on such residences. The city of Edmonton could also do the same for those working poor that earn wages near the poverty line.

 These are my ideas on this issue of leadership.  I Dave Dowling am positive city council and others could even come up with more cost effective ideas that can be implemented to make sure no one is left behind in the city of Edmonton.