is where I posted months ago the following quote from that web page.

“I, Dave Dowling shall rely on the impartiality of the media to show you the overtaxed voter, that there isn’t any impartiality in the media during elections, and that all the other Candidate really has. . . is spam. ” 

And I was ever so correct about the scummish Media. In most of the media, there is no impartiality there. None, not one bit, most look to be bought and paid for. the Media spewed non-deserving names at all Candidates but one.

Lack of leadership, and media apathy is why voter turnout is so dismally low in Edmonton. Probably because those civic leaders and media mogols despise democracy. When the media is labeling every candidate but one with non-deserving names, they are part of the problem. When the current council up for re-election say nothing about this, because they benifit, they too are part of the problem.

Last civic election, just over 40% of the people voted, and somehow that minority vote of only 16% of the voters was used as a Mandate to raise taxes, councils wages, and to spend spend spend, the overtaxed voters money. Even though 84% of the voters did not vote for that person.

84% of the people were against the current pirate at the helm. 84% of the people did not want higher coucnil wages, yet 84% of the people were ignored in favor of the minority of 16%. of the vote.

84% of the voters is a huge majority that did not approve of the current mayor.

 It looks like this election the voter turnout may be even lower, due once again to lack of leadership, probably because someone figures the lower the turnout the better the chances. It is electioneering at its worst. Leadership that makes sure less and less people ar e going to the polls. . . .

If voter turnout drops below 40% It’s no election, for such a low turnout In My Opinion would suggest the winner has no mandate, no majority, and no right to waste the overtaxed voters money.

Last election 60% of Edmonton did not appove of any candidates.

This election it just may be more.

 Russia, China, and Venezula all have higher voter participation in elections.