Vote Dave Dowling Oct 15

The best thing you can do for yourself, your family, your neighbours, your city, province and the world beyond, is to tell everyone you know, its good luck for all ,to tell everyone to Vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton! is where this quote comes from

“I, Dave Dowling shall spend as close to nothing on this election as possible out of respect for fiscal integrity.”

Now, rumormongering has it that some Candidates are spending close to $$ ONE MILLION DOLLARS!! To CONvince you the overtaxed voter that they actually have something to offer, besides $13,000 raises for themselves.

Where as I, Dave Dowling have spent under $20 dollars US! In fact I have spent under $ Ten Dollars USA on this election. Why you ask? Because I say:

Elections should not be about who raises the most money to give to the major media. Fiscal integrity is been able to do cost effective budgeting. Voting ones self a $13,000 raise is an example of what fiscal integrity isn’t.  Fiscal integrity is been able to look at projects and instead of choosing the most expensive tax and spend concept there is, is choosing the most cost effective way to deliever the services.

Fiscal integrity is been able to run a cost effective campaign on under $20 dollars USA, as I , Dave Dowling have and am doing. Fiscal integrity is going over the budget, not just line by line, but word by word, and making sure the funding for those Core Services are there.

I, Dave Dowling do not just talk fiscal integrity, I do it, and this web site is an example of it.

Those other Candidates are probably paying someone to do their web stuff for them.

Fiscal integrity involves respect for the overtaxed voter, who I, Dave Dowling am not asking for monetary contributions. In Fact, the only donation I am asking the overtaxed voter for is your Vote on October 15 th for Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton.