Vote Dave Dowling Oct 15

Now I , Dave Dowling know the following are not civic issues, But I , Dave Dowling believe it is important that you the overtaxed voter know what the persons you are voting for thinks on issues that effect us all. So, Bravely and Boldy I shall put put my thoughts on non-civic issues.

Oil Royalty rates. I , Dave Dowling actually googled for a fair bit of time Oil royalty rates in other countries and found that a lot of countries are getting far more in royalty rates than Alberta. Venezula went from 1% to over 20%, Norway has a “heritage trust fund” worth over 100 billion dollars! Ditto for Russia. In other places People get free school. In fact a majority of places get first world oil royalty rates, where as Alberta seams to get fourth world Oil Royalty rates.  A few years back just 5% was shared with Albertans and everyone got a $400 check.

Everyone should be getting checks for thousands In My Opinion. And there would still be billions left for the Government to embrace Environmental friendly technology and make it so Alberta and Edmonton are world leaders in saving the planet. For only a few Billion an environmentally friendly car production plant could be established in Edmonton. One that produces hydrogen powered cars and electric cars and compressed air cars.  I know I would want one, so too would a lot of other people.

The Kyoto accord can very easily be exceeded. All it takes is to stop spending $5 Billion a year to kill Afganistans, and put that money into the environmentally friendly car production franchises. War is a horror that robs all of dignity and more, as are the causes that cause war. Afganistan and Iraq are the vietnam of today. I, Dave Dowling say “get the troops out, that’s support of the troops. ”

Alberta is a mighty Nation, from the rockies of the west to the forests of the North to the prairies of the East and to the desserts of the south. Alberta is an excellent Nation capable of determining it’s own destiny, composed of a diversity of people that working together is how a Nation is “Strong and Free,”  as the National motto says.

Premier Ed should line up those Oil executives around a nice round Table, and put two suggestions on the Table.

1 Oil Royaly rates goes up to real world levels, or

2 Oil Royalty rates go up to 50 %, and it’s retroactive for the last 30 years! This would put the Oil companies so far in debt, the Alberta government could seize all their assests and Nationalize the entire Oil industry. Then all of Alberta could enjoy those hundreds of billions of profit instead of a handful of overpaid corporate executives, that constantly moan how they are ever so poor and not making any profits. . . . . . It isn’t those executives out there working and dying in the Oil Patch Industry and up at Ft McMurry, its Albertans, and people of Edmonton!