Vote Dave Dowling Oct 15Monday October 15 you should go and vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton

I Dave Dowling believe the first priority of any candidate elected is to serve the people and the second priority is to work with other elected members to serve the people. Core services first and then the frills. I, Dave Dowling know that the environment is important, not only the homes we live in, but the parks we relax in. And yes, I , Dave Dowling have put up videos on youtube with squirrels in them! I believe I am the only Candidate to do. Like, wild roses, squirrels are a wonder of nature that we all enjoy. Parks are a great place to walk and relax, or jog, rollerblade, skateboard or bike in. Some believe the river valley should be turned into anohter whyte ave, or jasper ave. in My Opinion the river Valley Park system onoy needs more trees, more wild roses and more squirrels. Trees and natural grasses help clean the air. coffe bars only help pollute everything in the rivervalley , including the river.

Instead of jetboats, legislate non-polluting vehicles only on those life giving waters. no one wants a river they can not wade into, because it is too toxic. Most people In My Opinion perfer a river that their pets can drink water from. More trees, more environmental protection is what is needed in Edmontons river valley, not coffee bars, and roads going to them, and pollution around them, those the city already has lots of in the malls, on whyte ave and downtown.

Parks are named parks because of the trees, the waters, the wild life, the natural scenery, not because of the coffee bars and golf clubs. Parks are those areas where we have not developed everything until all that is left is concrete and tar. Parks are suppose to be there for everyone to enjoy, by been able to go to a place where nature is, to get back to nature in a way is what parks are for. There is lots of recreational centers for other activities like swimming, sking, golfing, bowling, and snookers. There is always less and less of that natural land with those natural trees and such for all to enjoy.

Edmonton does not need another one hundred million “developing” the River Valley, there is lots of areas where coffee bars can be installed in the downtown area and whyte ave and the malls. Edmonton needs more parks, more natural areas, more places for trees, and more places for squirrels and things like migrating geese and ducks. Perhaps with more parks and more wetlands and more trees and such perhaps one day, we will even have whooping cranes nesting in this area named Edmonton. But, with more coffee bars in the Rivervalley, the only thing nesting there will be more pollution. That hundred million dollars of the overtaxed voters money should go back to the overtaxed voter or into the infrastructure!

Trees are important to the quality of life, as too are clean waters and clear smelling airs. Parks also are important to life, ‘specially when there is less trees due to development. Itis when a city is expanding that protection of those parklands is even more important to future Edmontonians who in their day will appreciate parks more than another  Whyte Ave in the River valley.

Edmonton could easily be the environmental leader of the world, all it takes is leadership. Edmonton could be buuying non-polluting vehicles for its fleets of vehicles. Edmonton could be putting those profits from EPCOR into environmental friendly power generating for the people of Edmonton. Edmonton could be embracing all those environmentally friendly products, and Edmonton could be doing so without raising taxes for the overtaxed voter.

Edmonton needs cost effective budgeting that respects the environment, and Edmonton needs that Leadership today.
I, Dave Dowling have killed no trees for My campaigning.
I , Dave Dowling have printed no signs, no pamphlets, and no cards. I have put everything here on the internet, where you the overtaxed voter can get a clear view of who you are voting for. this is not a one page web site asking for your money. this is a mult-page site, where you can see what the person you are voting for thinks and believes. This is integrity of ledership, to put forth information for you the over taxed voter.

All it takes is for the people of Edmonton going to the polls and voting Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton Oct 15th!