Vote Dave Dowling Oct 15
Has all the information on how to vote, in advance polls, where they are , when they are open,
And how to Vote on Monday October 15th.
there is even a list of other candidates for Mayor of Edmonton if you can not vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton.
you will need Identification.

The last time over 50 % of the overtaxed voters voted in an Edmonton civic Election was 12 long years ago, way back in the last century and the last millenium.
Voter turnout is lower than it was in the 1922 , before Ipods, and  the decade of the teens of the last century, when all they really had was feet and hoofs to go and vote. And I do believe people back then had to walk at least 5 miles uphill to the voting booth and 5 miles uphill back home from the voting booth, all of course in a blizzard with the snow blowing up! 4 feet at a time. And of course in that kind of cold, one had to feed the local beast of burden, moose or buffalo, twice per mile! The hard part was getting the saddle on that moose or buffalo.

I also heard that back in 1900, on the way to the voting station, one had to be able to shoot 6 guns at once, to fight off all the hungry tax collectors, ravinous for votes candidates, and other voters voting for the other candidates! Yes, voting was far far harder to do way back when grancestors had to milk 500 Wolverines before they saddled up the moose to go and vote. They didn’t have time to stop and smell the wild roses when going to vote back then, when Alberta was still young and not even ten years old. But still, they made their way to the voting place and managed to cast more ballots than people do today.

In fact when those model T’s started showing up and scaring all the moose and buffalo away, and ruined the wolverine milk business with all their loud noises, Voter turnout was higher than it is today. in 1918 there was more voters voting in Edmonton elections, even though Some small Nation in europe was invading Canada, or something and trying to burn the rockies to the ground, take over the entire oil industry and stomp out every wild rose there was or something like that.

Even in 1966, years before you could find out where to vote on the internet, More people got out and voted in an Edmonton civic election. and that was the last millenium, over 40 long years ago.  

If you don’t vote, you have no right to moan and whine about the government you get.

Voting was far harder to do in the early nineteen hundreds, yet a far larger poorcentage of the population got out and voted. Most peoples ancestors would be rolling in the grave seeing the low voter turnout in Edmonton civic elections today. And that is another of the infinite reasons to get up off the couch, or sneak away from work  on October the 15th and vote Dave Dowling for Mayor of Edmonton.