In five elections this is the first time I have actually witnessed RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION with my own eyeballs. I, Dave Dowling, Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton, shall now issue the Media impartiality Scorecard. If any Candidates for Mayor of Edmonton disagree with this or have something to add, just email it to me or let me know.

Scott and his billion dollar press labeled all but one Candidate with vicious name calling. The other billion dollar paper press was a far bit kinder with the name calling they flung at all but two of the Candidates. The TV Media did what they could for sensationalism, as did most Radio. I heard that on one radio station, I am the sunglass favorite or something like that. Even CBC only had 3 images up, and just two web links worked!

Even elections edmonton got into it with their offical web forum with the offical link to it on their web page, that any candidate would pay heaps of money for, so there is heaps of city resources going towards that message board. There was no moderation there, like toastmasters moderate. I have never had a toastmaster let slander be posted on the walls, nor have toastmasters ever said to candidates what moderators at that message board have posted to candidates.  KUDOS TO THE TOASTMASTERS, there were impartial as impartial could truly be. Most Media could do with a couple of decades of lessons from them.

I believe Blog Layiton from CHUD radio has won the partiality award of this election with his religious discrimination against one Candidate who is running for Mayor of Edmonton. This happened at the SHAW debate which I walked out of because of that RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION done by whatshisname the media winner of this award, who was ther to moderate, a toastmaster he isn’t. Allthough, I may disagree with a Candidate here and there during an election, I have always considered they have a right to run in elections.
Bill Whatcott broke no law, in stating his religious belief. In Fact I believe the one breaking the law was that moderator who In My Opinion did some Blatent RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION, when he cut Bill Whatcott off and told him to leave.

With this, the Media have sunk to a new low.

As this happened at SHAW, and was done with SHAW equipment and bradcasted on SHAW telivision, I also disconnected my SHAW services in protest.

I also emailed the SHAW person who In My Opinion was resonsible for all of this and asked that an apology be issued to Every Candidate for Mayor of Edmonton who witnessed this. 

Knowing the depths the Media has sunk to, that apology will probably never arrive.

This is why I walked out and am not on SHAW TV, because I refused to sacrifice my believes for 3 minutes of fetid air. This is in no way an endorsement for Mr Whatcott.  As I said, I may disagree with the odd candidate here and there, But I do respect their right to freedom of speach, freedom of religion and freedom of association and all other such freedoms and rights as guarenteed by the charter of rights and freedoms.

All in all the media deserves the grade they are getting, and that is a Triple FFF. for failed failed, failed! there is no impartiality left in the media, none, not one drop.