VICTORY is indeed declared by me, Dave Dowling in this Election.

 Vote Dave Dowling Oct 15

I, Dave Dowling, showed there is no impartiality in the media, not a drop of it, none.


I, Dave Dowling, also respected the environment, while campaigning. For I, Dave Dowling killed no trees for campaign literature or signs that end up in the landfill.

I, Dave Dowling respected the overtaxed voter, and did not ask anyone for any monetary contributions. The only contribution I, Dave Dowling ever asked for was two. One was Impartiality of the media to all Candidates, which was not there. Two was that I, Dave Dowling asked my official agent to video record some of my campaigning, which I, Dave Dowling posted on youtube. This is the only contribution there was to my Campaign, an official agent doing some volunteer labour, as the Media could not do their job, even when asked.

I, Dave Dowling showed fiscal integrity and except for the cost of my one web site, I, Dave Dowling spent nothing on this election. A cost effective campaign, the way government should be.

I, Dave Dowling have not only talked Campaign reform, I have done so.

I, Dave Dowling Have raised all the issues on my Blog months before the election, and even in the councillor elections, these issues are discussed.

I, Dave Dowling, have shown that Leadership is the issue, and that Leadership effects all the issues, every single one of them. And I Dave Dowling have shown that Leadership time and time again, on all the issues, from before nomination day to all the debates, and even the Media have seen this is so. 

Listening to the people, The environment, cost effective budgeting, crime, Potholes, snow removal, infrastructure, vision for the future, working with others, low voter turnout, councils wages, All of these are Civic issues that involve Leadership, and Leadership is the issue this election as it is every election.

In a Democracy, Leadership knows that the first responsibility of someone who is elected is representing the people, all of them. Leadership in a Democracy also knows that the second responsibility of those elected is to work with those other elected, to represent the people, all of them.