Dave Dowling wins youtube war.
 scroll down after clicking http://www.youtube.com/user/vinoker  who the heck is vinoker?

Get out and Vote

 Last debate.

I, Dave Dowling delievered exactly what was promised,
a 3 rounds in the ring, no holds barred, UFC rules contest, looser wears a clown suit. Of course, the looser declined the physical contest, so it was a battle of wits with the winner decided by crowd response. And he had none, but the customary welcome and good ridance clap clap, like everyone had.

The crowd of overtaxed voters even claped more than one for Dave Dowling who had the courage, the bravery and the skills of a leader to mention how Dave Dowling would chop that excessive wage increase. The overtaxed voters were oooing, the overtaxed voters were aweing, the overtaxed voters were agreeing ,the overtaxed voters were laughing and the overtaxed voters were clapping, again and again when Dave Dowling stood up and spoke.

Debate, after debate after debate, in forum after forum after forum.

I won, with TKO’s, in every forum. I believe in the last one at Strathcona high school,

One of my upper cuts of facts, sent him righty to the Moon!

$13, 0000 raise.

The videos to appear on youtube soon.

I, Dave Dowling am sure with that excessive wage, you know who can buy their own clown suit.

Now, it is all up to you. Get out and vote Monday October 15th.