In 2004 only 3,842 people or 1.82% of the voters voted for “fringe ” Candidates, and voter turnout was at a low of 41.79%

In 2007 13,297 people or  8.86 % of the voters voted for “fringe” Candidates and voter turnout was at horrid low 26.8 % it almost dropped by 1/2 compared to the last election. In the surrounding areas Voter turnout was way higher, the Candidates vote totals were way closer. Why? apathetic media and government is why. they do not want you voting. They do not support democracy. There is no impartiality in the media anymore. The media discriminate like a racist slaver of yestermillenium. No one in the surrounding areas in the elections were labeled”fringe” No, only in the mayor of edmonton election was the discriminatory labeled hurled at Candidates. . and now we all see the results, lowest voter turnout in 30 years. 100 other nations have higher voter turnout in elections. even Calgary has higher voter turnouts.

the “fringe” vote INCREASED over 400% from the last election, while VOTER TURNOUT DROPPED. Even though the major corporate media were flinging names like it was tents for the homeless at all but two of the Candidates.

Clearly this shows the dissastisfaction with government and media is increasing. almost 90 poorcent of the voters DID NOT vote for the “winner” And only 25% of the voters voting is not democracy. democracy means a majority of voters. This council is a nonocracy, with no clear mandate to do anything but chop their wages. . A nonocracy is where less than 50 % of the people vote because of media and government apathy.