I, Dave Dowling thank everyone who voted for me, You have shown that people do care about media impartiality during elections, the environment, infrastructure, campaign reform, out of control wages, etc.


And, I, Dave Dowling declare VICTORY! For with a budget of under $20 usa, I stood taller than all the Candidates and won every vote I received! I, Dave Dowling did not have to stoop to buying votes. . . And it looks like I came in third!!!!!!! I recieved more votes than last time, a higher percentage, broke the 1000 vote barrier, etc. Unfortuantly due to the apathetic meida and government its a record low voter tournout for this millenium, and perhaps ever. 26.8 % of the voters voted. . . the lowest voter turnout in 27 years!

Once again the seat was “bought” with enough money to feed the hungry for a year out of the local soup kitchens. Edmonton once again did not vote. The non-voters with the bought ones help, made sure there will be more taxes, higher council wages and a corporate owned major media that praises non-democratic increasing of fees and signatures needed by people that realize changes has to happen and stand to do something about it.

 So low a voter turnout, I wonder if we can even name it democracy? Perhaps nonocracy would be more appropriate. This is how the rich get richer, by making sure less and less of the poor get out and vote. 90 % of the people are poor. Some are so poor they have to have two people working overtime everyday to pay the bills.  Hence, the low and getting lower voter turnout in poll after poll. When the Major corporate Media make the voter so apathetic to the whole process, by constantly portraying only those who give lots of money to the major corporate media as “qualified, high- profile, worthy, etc” Voter turnout gets lower and lower. Blame the government and the media for the low voter turnout.  

The working for pay check media employees news piece, is only as liberal and free speech filled as their corporate masters let it be.  The only freedom of the press left is the freedom for corporate owners to freely have printed what they wish printed.

 Thankfully there is the internet. The internet enables all to be their own media. On the internet one can visit web sites and be empowered through knowledge.  

For example, in the last civic election I was in, all the media could do was moan fringe at eight candidates, and praise one. The one that donated the most to the medias corporate bottom line profits. That’s about all one could find out about 8 of the candidates in the major corporate owned media, one name calling. Good thing I had a web site up where people could get more than one meagre ½ attempt at name flinging of stain, and find out that a name of stain is actually a medal of freedom.

Of course the media can be trusted to do what they do for sensationalism, which creates readership, which creates profit from corporate advertisers.  Which is why the major corporate controlled media is part of the problem and not part of the solution. The corporate owned major media throw informing the voter out the window in the name of profits for corporate owners. I would rather douse myself in guzzoline and light a big cigar up than sell my rights and freedoms of expression and go and work for a censoring the truth corporate owned major media. At least if I survived the cigar and guzzoline, I would be on social assistance with my morals, honour, freedom of speech and integrity intact!

Serving the people and representing all of them, not just the ten or so poorcent that vote one in is what elections and democracy and freedom of the press are all about. All the people, that is who the boss is in a democracy.

 Oh ya, congratulations to what his name for such leadership that ensured one of the lowest voter turnouts ever in Canadian elections. That is doing ever so little for democracy it makes me want to go to the can and puke. Leadership LOL (laughing out loud) 

Of course that low voter turnout, and almost 90% of the people not voting for him will be interpretated as a mandate to spend the overtaxed voters money like a hornet stung mule in a chinaware store. It will be spent, and all that will be there for Edmonton is a couple of expensive to maintain white elephant wonders needing a bunch of special expensive glue.

 Don’t worry Edmonton, I should be there next election, giving you a chance to Vote for what the major corporate media call a “fringe” candidate yet again.

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