Vote Dave Dowling Oct 15

Today as I still savored election VICTORY, I, Dave Dowling noticed on the web, that over at, I do believe the home of the fringe wantabe writter scot something or other, scot was totally praising me in the media today! Scot showed how he is truely a wantabe writter, for he had to resort to getting the good stuff to print without permission from an email I sent him, and this web site! Yes, it’s true, I ghost write for him every so often.  After all I am his favorite Candidate in elections, I am sure he has two sets of ID so he can always vote twice for me! Who knows, maybe he has three sets of ID, he likes me ever so much. Perhaps even 4 sets!

He even had to come to this here free blog to get some more good stuff to write in his billion dollar paper Which I Dave Dowling do believe is the, an excellent paper if I must say so myself. In point 2 of his article printed in his billion dollar press, he states how I, Dave Dowling stand in elections with a state of the art, top of the line platform in federal elections! He even points out how its very cool beyond belief, for me to finish 3rd with a meager campaign budget of under $20! Is it election history, finishing 3rd in Canada’s 6th largest city on a campaign budget of UNDER $20?Has such a feat ever before been achieved?  Scot even honours me with a title bestowed upon Hunter S Tompson, and by doing so, ranks me up there with T S Elliot, and other such modernist writters! It goes very good with my bronze medal of Civic politics!

In point 3 of the billion dollar pressed article, he goes on again to congradulate me on the awesome election Victory saying how its, and here I will quote scot of the “good news”!  Yes, it is good news to see Edmonton supports campaign reform.

Point 12 of the article by scot of the scot points out how I, Dave Dowling, did not just have a victory by placing 3rd, no it was also a MORAL victory beyond belief according to scot of the

point 13 of the article by scot of the about Dave Dowling, is nothing but glowing praise of my writting skills. scot shows how when scot digs for prose to write, scot must get excellent prose from me to write in his article, aww such flatery makes me, Dave Dowling think  scot’s aiming for a free lunch or something. . . .

point 14, scot of the shows how the intellect of Dave Dowling holds knowledge such as scot only dream of one day understanding, which is of course, is flattery, and flattery is how we honour those leaders we wish to emmulate!

point 15 of the 22 point article by scot of the Scot tells how he agrees that Marijuana is an excellent medicine that he wishes he could consume, like the almost 2000 people licensed by Health Canada do to improve their quality of life. Marijuana is a herb. It is only because of reefer madness propaganada spew that most mistakenly believe it is a manufactured drug like the killer drug aspirin is.

point 20 scot points out how I, Dave Dowling did better than Koziak at the SHAW debate, and how scot was wondering where Koziaks leadership was after the debate, but knew the leadership oozes from my every pore. And I hardly said anything at that SHAW debate. . .

and in his concluding point 22, Scot of the Scot personally and very dearly gives me, Dave Dowling his utmost dying respect and his utmost heartfelt congratulations! He even personally waves at, and endorses me in his fringy style of writting way.