Will the lowest voter turnout in 30 years, and a close to 10% of the vote be used as a mandate to spend like a red hot poker poked mule in a  glass window store? Probably. will scott still be visiting here to learn about the fine art of writting? Of course! Will there be another civic election in under 3 years? Yes, unless hell freezes over!

Will I, Dave Dowling still be making typos galore, of course.

Will the Alberta Bloc be ready to stand a Candidate in the next election? Most likely. And who, who will be the next targets of the media to label with their name flinging in the name of profits, and not informing, during an election? Most likely anyone who stands in an election and does not give them heaps of molla. which is hwy the nonocracy of non-voters will probably increase. allready the non-voter outnumbers the rare voter in civic elections. Soon the civic election voter may be a thing of the past as the mayorships are just handed over to the most blood drenched from fighting the other councilors councilor.

Yes, with an election only three years away, and the current one probably retiering, there will probably be all kinds of those 12 councilors proving why they should be Mayor in under 3 years. It will be interesting.

Hopefully the Mayor has no problem dealing with those councilors and imposing his will upon them and the city, like a good ruler always does. Of course those meek councilors will probably be divided and conquored, by the political savey Mayor of Edmonton, who will be telling them exactly how to vote on everything.

Councilors always know that when the Mayor gets around a bit over 10 % of the vote, they just better do and vote how that Mayor tells them to.

I believe that once elected, its obey the Mayor, the listen to the people and represent them is forgotten. Or at least thats how the last three years have been.

And of course everyones favorite blog, this one, will be here for quiet a while, barring sellouts and name changes and such. WordPress is an awesome fredom of the press site, where everyone can be their own media central.