Electioneering Choo Choo Train

5.18% of the voters voted for Ben Henderson, for Jane Batty, 5.58 % of the voters voted for Jane to the higest percentage, councilor Karen Leibovici, who got an astounding 10.86 % of the voters vote! the Mayor got a whopping 17 % of the vote.  Over 80 % of the people did NOT vote for this council. Where is the 80%’s representation?

Yes indeed, soon its back to work for all those elected pirates. Pirates for the outrageous wages. Wages so outragous, Voter turnout was at a record low this millenium. Wages so outragous those the major media scorned INCREASED their vote total by OVER 400 % council races so close it was nail biters, the overtaxed voters are so outraged.

And of course the retiring in 3 years captin at the helm, will be giving those councils their orders. Will Ivason be swabbing the deck? Will the current Captin be lowering all attempts at mutinee in 3 years? Yes, the captin of the ship named edmonton has some expensive legacy projects to mandate through council and those councilors just better get in line aqnd do what they are told by the possibly retiring ing in 3 years time Mayor.

Yes indeed, the Media spotlight will only be on the Mayor the next 3 years, as from what I heard, once elected it’s throw represent the people and listen to the people out the window, and just do what the Mayor says. After all he did get a bit over 10 % of the people voting for him. Expensive legacy projects are far more important, just look at the last three years of council for proof. It is the Mayor that does everything!, the mayor decides who gets what portfolios, who works all the time, who doesnt work all the time, and of course, council will probably have to vote themselves a big fat raise to cover the cost of living and an even bigger and fatter raise for the Mayor.

Of course, council will also be voting to increase property taxes, and they will probably want to look at increasing the fees ands signatures needed to stand in election to make sure voter turnout drops even more. The nonocracy is here.