pothole fixer E friendly

Today while still enjoying the VICTORY of 3rd place on a Campaign budget of under $20 USA, I was surfing the net when I came across an excellent article by Mr Diotte or the www.edmontonsun.com

http://www.edmontonsun.com/News/Columnists/Diotte_Kerry/2007/10/18/4585180.html  in the article by this excellent columnist, Mr. Diotte shows how that broadsheet paper(hard to unfold , hard to hold, hard to read) isprobably filled with lazy scribes. Scribes only copy, Writters like the excellent colomnist Mr. Diotte, usually write their own stuff, and do not have to resort to copy and pasting from Emails they get, like lazy scribes at broadsheet papers do, in complete violation of everything sacred about copyrights.

Yes, Mr. Diotte, also points out how that lazy scribe post filled broadsheet rag also prints nothing but the stink from steaming piles of BS. Which I was pointing out months before the last civic election got underway. Yes, that rag puts corporate profits and sensationalism before informing the people.

There is an excellent video on youtube, it’s one of my favorites where John F Kennedy talks about freedom of the press.

According to John F. Kennedy, the  “Informing and alerting” the people is what should come before corporate profits. In america it is because of the ability to “inform and alert” that the press is the only business protected by their charter of rights and freedoms. President Kennedy was talking about this 4 decades ago. . .

Yes, I will put stock in a dead presidents speech, before I bend over for a copy and paste “broadsheet scribe.”

Better than the name “broadsheet”  that gutterrag we all nickname the “urinal


p.s. scribe scot, mr Katz’s store could probably sell ya all some “bring the heart rate down” meds, online!, that way no one has to know its you.

p.s.s. copy and paste scribe scot, anyone can be brave and stand for election. It takes  two of  those things dangling between ones legs to be the SIZE OF ALBERTA, to stand for Mayor of Edmonton on a campaign budget of under $20 USA, and have the VICTORY of  3rd.  VICTORY, scot, perhaps one day, like Me and Mr. Diotte, you too will sip sweetness from that cup that overflows. . . .