hypnotic meditation line makes you vote dave dowling

It’s a week gone by, and what exactly has council done?
Oh, oh, I believe they have already cost the overtaxed Edmonton non-voter who is in the majority in Edmonton, more taxes.

Welcome to the Nonocracy. A nonocracy is where the 75% of the people that do not vote are not represented.

The non-voting majority believes whats the use, taxes always go up no matter who is on council. This happens because councilors, once elected, seam to only do what the mayor says. And the Mayor usually says tax and spend, or spend and tax, and the councilors, who throw represent the people out the window, only listen to the sweet words of the Mayor’s voice, and that voice usually says, vote for “Spend and tax and Tax and spend,” it’s what the Mayor wants! Which is sad for the non-voting majority. the discusted so much with government that they do not vote, non-voting majority would rather have taxes go fown if possible.

The voting minority, will of course, probably turf a couple of those councilors, in a futile attempt to straighten out government, for only listening to the Mayor, and not listening to the people, but that happens every election. And of course, acouple of councilors just may retire after heaping together enough loot to sink a battleship. Loot of course wrung from the pockets of the overtaxed voter in the form of excessive wages. Millions every year not spent on fixing the roads, or solving poverty.

The non-voting majority will of course grumble and moan about the way things are because of the vast number of people not voting in the government they got. And of course, Edmonton will probably go more in debt for expensive legacy projects which councilors can carve their name upon so their legacy lives forevermore.

Yes indeed, no solar panels for Edmonton or other such cost saving effective products that actually improve the quality of life for edmontons people. No, instead its art galleries, million dollar beaches and boat landings only useful for 1/2 the year and double double coffee cups floating down the river.