Surfing around the internet, I have noticed that those that hark on and moan and groan how weed should be illegal have no evidence. Those prohibitionists, will instead hark on about typoos, because , they want you to be the bad guy, not them, which they truly are. . .

In fact all them prohibitonists seam to have is antidotal stories where they mention how so and so a friend to whomever HAD A BAD EXPERIANCE. . . ]

It’s almost amuzing how they use reefer madness FICTION to back up their stance that anyone who uses Marijuana is a terrorist ready to kill the english language with typoos.

It;s amuzing how they work themselves up into an almost frothy rage, when they see any post on the internet that tells the truth, how Marijuana is a herb that Health Canada has licensed almost 2000 people to consume to imporve their quality of life.

The dirty prohibitioninsts like to have this well known truth blow in one ear and ever quicker blow out the other ear.

Usually because there is nothing in between those two ears.

Prohibitionists have no facts, no studies, no truth to back up thier ill-stained lies, and beliefs of barbarianism.

Prohibitionists usually believe they are the best thing on the planet since alcohol was first manufactured. Which they are not. Most prohibitionists would luv dinner with their guest, talking about how those that are different should be shot.

Yes, dinner would go o n with the prohibitionists and guest laughing and joking until the guest took off his mask and revealed Hitler sitting there with the prohibiitonists.

It is at this point that the moral hypocrisy of the prohibiitonists rises to the surface and they lash out at any who support the repeal of prohibition. for sometimes that image in the mirror can be frightening.

that Laugh as they look in the mirror is the laugh of insanity. For not too many people, like it when from that mirror reflects a wantabe hitler, ready to tell everyone around them what they can do with their body.

And that is the core belief of prohibiitonists, that they own your body. Slavers believed the same.