Potholed car

Potholed roads are still everywhere, and council is all ready with their almost 10 % of the voters support to tax and spend, because appearrantly, the current Mayor says so! those councilors almost always obey the totalitarian Mayor that looks to be using committee chairships in a carrot and stick approach to divide and conquor the councilors into voting how he tells them to. Vote for more taxes to spend on legacy projects, with hints of wages lost and wages gained. Vote to spend more taxes on insainly costly road overpasses more expensive than any brige over the river, says his worship, and the councilors with no reguards for their political future do as told! Or else. . so the saying goes.

 Those poor councilors, unable to organize and stand up for democracy and the 90% of the people that did not vote for them. Yes, those councilors would rather represent the Mayors grand plans for spend and tax legacy projects than worry about the 90% that did not vote for them. Indeed, it will probably be three more years of councilors doing the Mayors will, rather than organize and stand up for the peoples will.

Each Mayor and councilor only get one vote. and they will in the next 155 weeks be voting about 200 or so times on City of Edmonton matters. Each of those votes is suppose to represent the will of the people, but, just look at the last three years, those votes only represented the Mayors will. Yes indeed, As I will probably be standing for Mayor of Edmonton in 2010, all those councilors will be standing up for the Mayor and voting how the Mayor tells them to vote, meekly, and probably with a bowed head.

After all when I, Dave Dowling decrease my campaign budget by over 500%, and increase the number of voters voting Dave Dowling by over 300%, to such a point that I was 3rd out of nine Candidates, such things could worry those that had thier vote totals drop, even though they spent like a hornet stung mule in a chinaware shop.

 Noce might also be running in 2010 for Mayor of Edmonton according to I believe, the www.edmontonsun.com

Oh, well, some of those councilors may be re-elected in 2010, and Maybe Thiele will might stand for Mayor, I could see that person taking controll of council and organizing all the councilors to stand up for the people instead of the Mayor, but, I doubt he has the courage to do so, (stand and organize.)

Beaches in the rivervalley parks. Million dollar ones. Beaches that will be good for about 2 months, then the duck and goose poop will start to cover them. then no one will wnat to go the bird poop infested beaches. Within two years all the bird poop will cause grasses and other such plants to grow on the “beaches.”  More millions flushed, because councilors only do what the Mayor says. . .