potholed vehicle

With the surpluses from the ever so low 4th world Oil royalty rates, 4th world because 3rd world venezula gets more, why hasn’t the government invested in am environmentally friendly vehicle manufacuring plant? Compressed air, electric, hydrogen, fuel cell, and whatever else that is environmentally friendly should be manufactured here in Edmonton, Capital of the Nation named Alberta.

Edmonton would be a fine choice for setting the example on how to achieve a better environment for future generations. Something those councilors should be working on. Edmonton could waive land fees for such a project, they could even build it downtown where the old post office is! Maybe people around Edmonton could raise $500 million or more to invest in it. . . . Perhaps then the city could also waive property taxes for such a plan.

Of course though, the Mayor believes it is more important to stick and carrot councilors into wasting money on million dollar beaches in the river valley park system, rather than make sure Edmontonians have cleaner air.

Environmentally friendly engines can also be used to generate. . . . electricity! Too bad EPCOR isn’t sinking a couple of hundred of million into a joint venture with those people that want to waste 500 million to a billion on redeveloping the old post office. If one threw in the hundred million of so the mayor will bully the councilors into wasting on the river valley, there would be almost 1 billion to build a environmentally friendly car manufacturing plant here in Edmonton.

If the Provincial government and federal government matched it and added a couple billion more of that oil generated surplus, there would be close to 3 billion to build such a feat of wonder here in Edmonton, Capital of the Nation of Alberta.

But no, with a bit over 10 poorcent of the vote the Mayor will of course, with the carrot and stick, bully those councilors into wasting the overtaxed voters money on more expensive legacy projects. Which  of course makes the majority non-voters even more happy to not go to the polls and vote.

Yep, Bill Smith at least showed leadership and had the people voting.